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Canadiens Gallagher Calls Out Referee For Questionable Decision



Montreal Canadiens Brendan Gallagher 56

Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher was not happy following the team’s 2-1 loss to the Calgary Flames.

The veteran took exception with one of the worst calls of the game, which took place with just a few minutes remaining in the third period.

Referee Pierre Lambert, who was the furthest official from the play, decided to penalize Gallagher for tripping. The referee who had a clear view of the incident, however, opted not to blow his whistle.

You can take a look at the play and decide for yourself.

But from the replay, it was clear the Flames player tripped on the net unless he somehow managed to defy Newton’s third law of gravity. That being said, Lambert assumed Gallagher is not bound by the laws of physics, and sent him to the penalty box.

A few moments later, the Flames were also penalized, on what can only be called the most evident example of a make-up call.

Montreal Canadiens defenceman Mike Matheson did receive a cross-check, but he also added a little mustard to his flourish to make sure the referees noticed. They immediately obliged.

Personally, I hate blaming referees when things go wrong, but once in a while, some accountability is necessary.  This was a clear case of an official making a bad call, and then making another questionable call to erase his mistake.

Technically speaking, it evened out the calls, but it’s also true that the initial poor call directly impacted the game, something referees have a long history of doing in the NHL.

“It can’t happen,” said Gallagher after the game. “It’s a terrible call. You can’t make that mistake, simple as that. His partner was right there. Let him call it. The reason he called it is that the [Flames] bench makes some noise, and he reacts to it. It can’t happen.

“He can’t make that mistake. It’s obviously a really important part of the game, he’s in the neutral zone, and his partner is right there looking at it, he didn’t make a call, then the bench reacts and he makes a reactionary call. It can’t happen at this level, and he knows that.”

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What do you expect in this bush league?…the officials are involved in deciding games more than any other professional sports league, always have been, always will…it’s a complete joke….in the playoffs the players damn near kill each other and nothing, even the brain dead announcers will say “the refs have put their whistles away and are letting the players decide it”….have you ever heard anything that stupid in ANY OTHER SPORT….of course not but these puck heads fans think that’s great….stupid game really and I’ve watched it since the invention of television so I’m a knucklehead as well….a Canadian knucklehead….