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Habs Fans Vote – State Of The Canadiens Rebuild & Management



Montreal Canadiens

Now that the Montreal Canadiens have finished their second full rebuild season, it’s time to take the pulse of Habs fans to determine whether they’re satisfied with the current direction of the team.

To do so, we’ll ask for some help from Canadiens fans across the globe, who are tasked with filling out the short form at the end of this article. This week will cast votes on recent draft hauls, trades, ticket value, core players, and future playoff aspirations.

The questions are scored from 1 to ten, with ten being the best result. If the question allows for answers depicted in percentages, each score represents the equivalent percentage (5 = 50%).

  • Very Satisfied/Extremely Good = 10
  • Satisfied/Very Good = 8
  • Neutral/Acceptable = 5
  • Dissatisfied/Bad = 3
  • Very Dissatisfied/Extremely Poor = 1

Montreal Canadiens State Of The Rebuild – Fan Vote

If you’d like a refresher on all the events that have taken place since Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes took over in 2022, we invite you to take a look at our State Of The Rebuild series, which covers essentially every event that has taken place over the course of the last two years. We also ask that the thousands of fans that will fill out the form approach the subject honestly, as it will also give us a better idea of how to formulate our coverage going forward.

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We would also like to pre-emptively thank every Canadiens fan that has already answered a previous poll, as well as those who will fill this form out. Our polls are quickly gaining in popularity, with significant increases in participation every time we publish a new one. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Habs fan are never shy when it comes to sharing their opinion, but it’s always encouraging to see thousands of fans take part.

Canadiens State Of The Rebuild Voting Form – (If the form is not displaying correctly on your device, you can access it directly by clicking on this link.)


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