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Habs Fans Vote – Most Wanted Canadiens 2024 Draft Targets



Montreal Canadiens NHL Draft - habs fans vote

It’s time to reveal the results of the latest ‘Habs Fans Vote’ poll, which asked Montreal Canadiens faithful which prospect they would like the team to select fifth overall in the upcoming 2024 NHL Entry Draft.

Before we get into the numbers, we’d like to remind everyone of the caveat added to the poll, which specified that top prospect Macklin Celebrini would not be included due to the likelihood that he will not be available once the Canadiens take to the podium.

While the results of the first Habs fan poll were varied, with several players earning a fair share of the votes to determine the most underrated player in the lineup, the draft poll yielded much less variance in the top answers.

We should also note the latest poll garnered almost 1,800 responses.

Past Poll Results: Montreal Canadiens – Most Underrated Players – Evans Takes Top Spot

Top Montreal Canadiens Draft Targets

1 – Ivan Demidov (Forward – SKA St. Petersburg) – 39.2 percent (682 votes)

Almost forty percent of the fans who submitted a response voted for Ivan Demidov, the highly-skilled forward who scored 23 goals and 37 assists in 30 games for SKA-1946 St. Petersburg (MHL).

Demidov projects as a game-changing presence, an ideal addition to a lineup that lacks offensive punch. Seeing as the Habs opted to draft a defenceman last season at fifth overall, it’s quite clear there’s an appetite for adding a talented forward this offseason.


2 – Cayden Lindstrom (Forward – Medicine Hat) – 29.9 percent (520 votes)

There are decent odds that Demidov will not be available at fifth overall, as the vast majority of outlets suggest he’s the second or third-best player available.

If that’s the case, Habs fans are fairly united in the next best option.

They want Kent Hughes and Co. to draft forward Cayden Lindstrom from the WHL. Lindstrom projects as a power forward with an excellent nose for the net. His physical prowess is sure to entice a team like the Habs, which is looking to add size to their lineup, but not at the expense of talent. Lindstrom scored 27 goals and 16 assists in 32 games for the Tigers this season. He did suffer a nasty upper-body injury in December which kept him out of the lineup for an extended period, but did not miss a step upon his return to action.

MUST READ: Interview With Cayden Lindstrom – A Prime Draft Target For The Montreal Canadiens


3 – Tij Iginla (Forward – Kelowna) – 17.2 percent (300 votes)

The next preferred draft target is somewhat surprising if you keep a close eye on the pre-draft rankings. It’s not that Tij Iginla is unskilled, but there’s a much greater variance in his rankings than the two aforementioned prospects.

It does, however, follow a common theme. Fans want a player who knows how to use physical battles to drive the play, and that’s exactly what Iginla does best. At 6’0, he’s not a massive player, but you’d be hard-pressed to say he shies away from physical contact.

His style of play is aggressive and up-tempo, which fits well with what head coach Martin St-Louis preaches to the current NHL lineup.

The Best Of The Rest

We were expecting to do a breakdown of the top five players, but there was such a discrepancy in the desired players that it would be an injustice toward the top three players to mention anyone else in depth.

Here is the complete list of desired draft targets as voted upon by Canadiens fans on Montreal Hockey Now.

1st – Ivan Demidov 39.2 percent (682 votes)

2nd – Cayden Lindstrom – 29.9 percent (520 votes) Montreal Hockey Now – Interview With Lindstrom

3rd – Tij Iginla – 17.2 percent (300 votes)

4th – Berkly Catton – 4.9 percent (85 votes) – Montreal Hockey Now – Interview With Catton

5th – Cole Eiserman – 2.4 percent (41 votes) Montreal Hockey Now – Interview With Eiserman

6th – Beckett Sennecke – 2.2 percent (38 votes)

7th – Artyom Levshunov – 0.9 percent (16 votes)

8th – Zayne Parekh – 0.7 percent (13 votes)

9th – Konsta Helenius – 0.6 percent (10 votes)

10th – Sam Dickinson – 0.4 percent (7 votes)

Tied 10th – Michael Brandsegg-Nygard – 0.4 percent (7 votes)

12th – Anton Silayev – 0.3 percent (6 votes)

13th – Zeev Buium – 0.3 percent (5 votes)

14th – Carter Yakemchuk – 0.2 percent (4 votes)

Tied 14th – Trevor Connolly – 0.2 percent (4 votes)

16th – Other – 0.1 percent (2 votes)


More ‘Habs Fans Vote’ Statistics

86.3 percent of the votes were cast for Demidov, Lindstrom, and Iginla.

-Iginla received more votes than the players ranked fourth to 16th (combined). (17.2 percent vs. 13.7 percent).

– Montreal Canadiens fans could not be more clear, they want the team to draft a forward. An astounding 97.1 percent of the votes were cast for a forward.

– Artyom Levshunov received the most attention among all available defencemen, with a mere 16 votes.

To give you an idea of just how much of the focus was given to the top three players, take a look at the pie chart, which has been blown up so that you can actually see evidence of the votes for players not named Iginla, Lindstrom, and Demidov.

Montreal canadiens draft targets

Stay tuned for the next poll, but in the meantime, you can suggest ‘Habs Fans Vote’ topics in the comments below, as we’re aiming to improve the overall input Canadiens fans have on our website.

If you would like a breakdown of every individual vote, you can click here

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Everyone will be disappointed cause we’re picking Senneke with the 50A


Why do this? I can’t read your mind so I can’t say for sure this is what’s happening, but this really feels like a “omg management never takes the top elite forward so we’re gonna be stuck with this other guy” type of comment. You literally have no idea who they are picking. None. At all. None of us do. So just coming in to drop a negative comment based on nothing but some guess at who they’ll pick is pretty sad. And even if your comment is as I described in the quotations, it’s still clearly negative and based on absolutely nothing. I don’t get why so many of our fans are like this. Just stop. It’s gotta be soooooo miserable living like that


whoa… relax. Its all hypothetical. I doubt Demidov and lindstrom are available. If levshunov is available they MUST take him regardless of position.
I might argue that Yaremchuk is a better selection than iginla or catton. If none of lev/demi/cayden are available down with seattle or calgary then taker the sniper eiserman.


What do you mean “relax”… I specifically start with a measured opening where I state I know my assumption may not be correct… hard to show I’m more relaxed than that. Also… it’s words on a screen man. We’ve had this technology literally for decades. You still haven’t learned not to read beyond the words that are written? (And no, I didn’t read beyond the words, that’s specifically why I said “I could be wrong”. All I did was note a pattern in habs posts).

As for your hockey take, I’d be happy with Levshunov. Our d core would look fantastic moving forward, and it gives wiggle room in the event others don’t work out. I’d also be okay with trading down, but that’s hard to do. You need to know for sure the person you want is there, AND have a trading partner willing to pony up adequate value. Regardless of what happens, I think we’ll come away with someone who will be great. There’s just soooo many good prospects in this draft and this management group has actuallly done a great job drafting (which more ppl would notice if they could look past Michkov and realize that they have more info than we do and likely passed on him for a reason). I mean… Slaf was the right choice, Beck looks great, Hutson was a steal, Engstrom, kony, Fowler, and even mesar when he’s not playing with a head injury has looked very good. I’m confident about this draft.


I wonder if Demidov and Lindstrom were picked before #5, if Montreal would pivot to Zayne Parekh. Hard to pass on that much offensive talent on D.

Then try to flip a D and late 1st to pick to try to find a spot in 11-19 to draft Becket Senneke Not sure there is any type of “fit” with teams in those draft slots.