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Habs: The Lighter Side

Recommended Christmas Gifts For Montreal Canadiens Players




The holidays are upon us, so I’ve made a list, checked it twice, and shall sprinkle some warm wishes we hope Santa will grant Montreal Canadiens players – whether they’ve been naughty or nice.

After all, ’tis the season.

Cole Caufield: Good poutine

Caufield has been playing well – we can’t question his motivation – but the production just hasn’t been there for the snakebitten player. More like Cold Caufield, amirite?!

Hockey players tend to be superstitious. But when something isn’t working, it would be madness not to change it up, no?

So maybe – just maybe – having good poutine could change his controversial opinion on the local delicacy, and bring him good luck?

I know a good poutine picks me up when things aren’t going my way.


Josh Anderson: A bunny’s paw

Similar to Caufield’s scenario, Anderson’s scoring has been dryer than the Sahara this year, until he recently struck a bit of luck.

The monkey is off Josh Anderson’s back – let’s hope he builds on this and gets more puck luck.

Mike Matheson: An Old-School Triple Beam-Scale

From one game to another, Mike Matheson can look like the best Montreal Canadiens on the ice, then the worst.

It’s all about finding that … balance for the Pointe-Claire native.

Fortunately, things have looked great in recent games, but he’ll have to keep his thumb off the scale if he’s to maintain balance.


Jesse Ylönen : A Game of Solitaire

Patience, patience. Hopefully, his doesn’t run out.

With the numerous injuries to regular top-6 players, it is surprising Ylönen was never given a shot considering his skillset and what he’s been able to create with limited ice time.

Perhaps 2024 is the year he gets an opportunity? Although it may not be with the Montreal Canadiens.

Juraj Slafkovsy: A Me, Myself and Irene DVD

Sure, it’s dated – and I doubt Slaf owns a DVD player – but the message should be clear: be more selfish.

While we’re seeing a tougher, bolder playmaker come out of his shell, shooting more, and more assertively would be that “extra cheese on the taco”. (Sorry, I had to!)


Jake Allen / Cayden Primeau: Tango lessons

A decision needs to be made by Kent Hughes, and fast.

The three-way tango must not be easy for these two netminders, who play second (and third) fiddle to Sam Montembeault.

Arber Xhekaj: Laval Cosmodome day-passes

With the way Jayden Struble has been playing and the imminent return of Jordan Harris (who is not waiver-exempt), the Montreal Canadiens may not be so hasty to recall Arber Xhekaj.

His time in Laval may extend beyond what anyone had anticipated, Kent Hughes included.

Let’s hope he’s discovering fun things to do in the 450 in his downtime…

Kent Hughes: Dark sunglasses

The way this Montreal Canadiens roster is constructed, Kent Hughes will likely have to trade a goaltender and perhaps a defenceman, real soon.

Put on your best poker face, wear your best shades if it helps hide your expressions, and let’s wheel and deal.

Is the acquisition of Kasimir Kaskisuo an insulation move before moving a goaltender?

The Injured Reserve Squad: Health

It’s a classic New Year wish – but given how crowded the Montreal Canadiens’ infirmary has been in recent years, I’ll make sure to repeat it: a healthy 2024 to you, Kirby Dach, Alex Newhook, Tanner Pearson, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, Jordan Harris and … Chris Wideman (we didn’t forget about you).

Heck, to ALL players, please.

And while we’re at it, to you as well, reader!

Merry Christmas and a happy holidays!


Got any fun wishes for the Montreal Canadiens? Share them in the comments below.