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Montreal Canadiens

Canadiens Are Logical Fit For Blue Jackets Defenceman



Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have been spending a lot of draft capital on defencemen as of late but may have an opportunity to snag a good one on the trade market.

It was announced earlier this week by DailyFaceoff’s Frank Seravalli that the Columbus Blue Jackets are facing a logjam on defence, specifically on the right side, and want to make a move.

Seravalli listed the likes of Jake Bean, Adam Peeke and, most importantly, Adam Boqvist as one of the players that are likely being dangled at this moment to gain more flexibility on defence.

It wouldn’t be a move that would move the needle for the Montreal Canadiens on online betting platforms, but making a backdoor move to acquire a defenceman as talented as Boqvist could be a Kirby Dach-like boon for the Canadiens.


Columbus’ Situation

After the acquisitions of Ivan Provorov from the Philadelphia Flyers in a three-way deal and Damon Severson in a sign-and-trade from the New Jersey Devils, the top-4 seems pretty clear for the Blue Jackets moving forward.

Added to the likes of Zach Werenski and Erik Gudbranson, a once barren defensive corps is now overloaded with right-shot-shooting defencemen, which could seriously interest the Montreal Canadiens.

As of this junction, the Blue Jackets have Severson, Gudbranson, Andrew Peeke, Adam Boqvist and David Jiricek with legitimate NHL ability, and Corson Ceulemans is also just turning pro this spring.

Similar to the Chicago Blackhawks and Kirby Dach, it seems like the Blue Jackets are moving in another direction and looking to compete quickly.


Striking While the Iron Is Hot

If the Columbus Blue Jackets are looking for flexibility, the Montreal Canadiens can offer them some much-needed help.

Be it in the form of waiver-exempt prospects, draft picks, or NHL-ready forwards, the Canadiens have the cap space to absorb Adam Boqvist’s $2.6M cap hit without necessarily having to unload any salary onto Columbus.

Acquiring a player like Boqvist instantly solves their power play quarterback and defensive goal-scoring issues, as Boqvist looked phenomenal running Columbus’ power play last season in the absence of Werenski. During the 2021-2022 season, the youngster put up 11 goals while maintaining that goal-scoring pace during his shortened 2022-2023 campaign.

The 23-year-old would flourish from instant top-4 usage in a no-pressure environment and could flourish under a coach like Martin St-Louis.

Furthermore, the acquisition of the former 8th overall pick in 2018 would give the organization more time to allow youngsters like Justin Barron and Logan Mailloux to simmer in the minors, assuming neither is used as trade bait after the fact for a top forward.

The Canadiens may also receive significant trade interest in the cost-controlled David Savard toward the end of this season; which would leave the Canadiens with Johnathan Kovacevic as their top right-handed shot, should a deal come to fruition.

By completing this trade, the Canadiens would ensure the long-term viability of the rights side of their defence for years to come, especially with David Reinbacher coming over to North America full-time the following season.

Having a depth chart of right-shooting defencemen that includes Boqvist, Reinbacher, Mailloux, Barron and, eventually, Bogdan Konyushov could be a scary thought for the Montreal Canadiens’ opposition in the medium and long-term.

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Personally, I have very little interest in adding yet another injury prone player and Boqvist fits in that category. Just play Barron instead.


I agree, the future seems to be Mailloux & Reinbacher so no need to give up draft capital on a RD. If Bodquist was a target then the Habs would have drafted Michkov. I’m happy to have the Defense that is currently in the system and with all the prospects I think the eventual move is a big trade for a very good forward or 2


It’s is not the first time your wrote about Adam Boqvist. If the habs were interested they would have gotten him by now.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jimmy

Maybe the price was too high. Now that CBJ added 2 defenders and he is a healthy scratch, he would be easier to get.


Teams have their holes filled right now.
Injuries happen and the long the season goes on
The more Demand there will be
CBJ is smart to wait


I think one undersized D on your team is all you want come playoff time. Ģive me Hutson and the rest of our kids are all 6-2 plus 210 lbs plus.


We don’t need to add any more D… we need to develop our own kids… both Reinbacher and Mailloux will be in the NHL by next season.


Not Quite.
Projected 2025-26 with Huston

Contract wise that lines up nicely
Matheson will be in his final year
Savard and Kovacevic gone.
Guhle, Harris, Xhekaj and maybe Barron will lead.
Then Reinbacher will step in Fresh.
While Mailloux will likely finish the season in MTL in 2024-25
Likely get the Call up for a long shot 8th seed Wild Card Playoff Run

With Engstrom, Trudeau and Kony overachieving in the SHL, AHL and KHL
MTL has players that will take runs at a spot before the Star Power D Debut.

Mailloux comes up early he’s a bottom 6 guy like Gudbranson.
If left to be developed as a top pair guy in Laval
he’ll be a legit top 4 guy somewhere between a Weber and a Petry

Same Reason Huston will stay in the NCAA till he adds a few years of Muscle.
Why Reinbacher in a league where David Desharnais and Valterri Fillipula are top 20 players , will need more time to develop than expected similar to Roman Josi the last NLA Defensman to become a Undisputed Starting Played and Top guy in the NHL.

But we got time
Long as we protect the Kids while they Develop
It will all pay off

John Stone

no thanks


Reaching for Boqvist is admitting that the Canadiens’ stable of right-hand defencemen plus prospects is inferior to him. No urgency to trade for this marginally healthy/skilled player.


If anything i’d make a deal for Gudbranson.
Size , Grit and a Veteran Presence but his contracts a problem for CBJ.

Lets say they take Allen(x2 @3.85m) in a deal and we take Gudbranson(x3 @4m)
Put in Ylonen or Heineman and CBJ put in Olive
CBJ add a 2nd round pick in 2024

MTL Gets Protection so Mickey Mouse shit like what happened to Dach doesnt happen again and that all our young players have room to play. Oliver is basically a Middle Weight version of Pezzetta with a knack for playing hard down low.

MTL gets rid of Allen and Ylonen/Heineman are playing for position long term anyways and Heineman is more Flexible Contract wise. We also get 2 players 1 overpaid and 1 not with a 2nd round pick we can use later.

CBJ clear their cap room
They get Room and time to build up Boqvist for TDL to Profit
Right now they arent in a position of leverage as most teams are good.
They’re not questioning their rosters until late November early December at the earliest

We need Grit and to me Xhekaj-Gudbranson is ideal
MTL can send Barron down until TDL and move Kovacevic or Savard at the TDL.
We were never going to re-sign either and they’ll draw serious interest at the TDL.
During a Rebuild i think Gudbranson types is what we need to Win Long term.
Its why our have always been beat up and have injury issues outside Suzuki.
Its been like that really since about 2010 ish.

Xhekaj, Gudbranson, Oliver, Pezzetta and Anderson when need be.
Thats a good shield for the other Youth coming up to ensure horse shit like Reaves pulled the other game doesnt go unanswered just for a PP that Burrows with screw up anyway.