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Canadiens Logan Mailloux Reportedly Cleared To Play In NHL



Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux OHL playoffs

According to TVA Sports reporter Renaud Lavoie, Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux has been cleared to play in the NHL.

“According to several sources, Logan Mailloux has received a green light to play in the NHL when he earns a job with the Montreal Canadiens, putting an end to the speculation,” tweeted Lavoie.

Mailloux, 20, is fresh off a run to the OHL Championship with the London Knights. He’s ready to make his professional hockey debut, though given that he was charged under Swedish law with defamation and offensive photography, the NHL decided to review the situation before clearing him to play. Mailloux shared explicit, non-consensual pictures with his teammates in Sweden.

Mailloux was then suspended indefinitely by the OHL for his actions.

General manager Kent Hughes mentioned the league had not yet come to a decision during his most recent press conference, which cast some doubt as to Mailloux’s future at the time.

Since sharing the offensive picture, Mailloux has shown remorse and has accepted to take part in a series of educational events led by Geneviève Paquette, the community manager for the Montreal Canadiens Foundation.

Of course, we can’t excuse what he did, but we do have to give him an opportunity to better himself, as we would with any other member of society.

The Canadiens also invested $1 million into a ‘Respect and Consent Action Plan‘.


Mailloux has an excellent slapshot, as evidenced by his league-leading 25 goals last season. In total, Mailloux had 53 points in 58 games, making a significant impact on the Knights’ overall record once he returned to the lineup.

As we’ve established, Mailloux has missed significant development time due to his suspension, and he’s also missed a fair amount of time with injuries, which means we should probably temper our expectations for this coming season.

He could end up earning a job at training camp with the Montreal Canadiens, but given that there are already a plethora of talented, young defencemen in the mix, there are decent odds has Mailloux starting the year with the Laval Rocket in the AHL.

An AHL assignment would allow him to acclimatize to the pace of professional hockey, while also allowing Mailloux to work with the Canadiens’ development team regularly.

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Remember he didn’t think he deserved to be drafted or in the draft. To me that shows remorse


I’ve been a habs fan for 48yrs. This is the first time I’ve been excited about our team in a long time, other than the finals a couple of years ago. (Too bad Price isn’t around tho) I’m also a Petes fan so I have seen Mailloux in the OHL last season, I was impressed. And glad with the steps he has made to show remorse. But there is also Beck who finished the season with the Petes and he’s going to be decent also I believe. We have a great prospect pool and excited for the next 5 or 6 years… cheers

Denis Chernyshov

C’mon. Let’s rock ! He’s been whipped enough


bout time..Bettman should have had no say to start with as he was not under NHL jurisdiction.

John Stone

no but he wanted to play in the nhl .. which means he did have jurisdictions. But now im glad h3 can ive followed this guy .. and i see him as a top 4 d -man for sure.


I feel good for him. And the Habs.

Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get.

Just think about this. MB had the balls to draft this guy, even though it seemed at the time to be the Habs worst 1st rd pick ever. Now, it could wind up being their best. If Logan had not done that dirty deed, he likely would have been drafted top 10 in 2021. So now, that’s what the Habs have – a top 10 draft pick, Right shot (BIG shot) Dman.

Me thinks if he does not crack the lineup opening day, then he will def be called up sometime before the midpoint of the season. Once that happens, he’s here to stay.

Sounds a tad like PK, pt II. Brash, skates really well for a Dman, offensively driven, big right shot, hits big. Makes a couple dumb mistakes every so often, but you can live with that when he puts up 50-70 something pts in a season.

Thank you, MB !!!!!

Then imagine when Reinbacher enters the situation…..


Unless I missed the boat this statement seems badly worded…

Mailloux shared explicit, non-consensual pictures with his teammates in Sweden”

The non-consensual has the potential to lead people down the path of a non-consensual act. Furthermore I am unaware if the taking of the pics was non-consensual or not. The sharing of the pics was a serious invasion of privacy and in another universe theft of personal property.

Im rooting for this guy to evolve …i think trust but verify comes to mind…