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Canadiens Facilitate Karlsson Trade, Petry Returns to Habs



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The Montreal Canadiens have traded forwards Rem Pitlick and Mike Hoffman to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In exchange, the Canadiens will receive goaltender Casey DeSmith, forward Nathan Lagare, and a second-round pick in 2025.

It’s also worth noting the Penguins retained 25 percent of Petry’s salary cap hit. Petry, 35, has two years left on his current contract which will pay him $6.25 million per season.

The trade is part of a three-team deal involving Erik Karlsson, which breaks down as follows:

Erik Karlsson, Rem Pitlick, Dillon Hamaliuk, and a third-round pick will be heading to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

A 2024 first-round pick (Pitt), Mikael Granlund, Jan Rutta, and Mike Hoffman will be heading to San Jose.

And finally, the 2025 second-round pick (Pitt), Jeff Petry, Casey DeSmith, and Nathan Legare will be heading to the Montreal Canadiens.

The trade has been in the works for a significant portion of the summer, however, given Karlsson has a $11.5 million salary cap hit for four more years, the Penguins and the Sharks couldn’t figure out the financial details without involving another team.

The Canadiens, on the other hand, have a healthy amount of salary cap space, especially once they put goaltender Carey Price on the long-term injured reserve.

Petry spent eight seasons with the Canadiens, playing a key role for the team on the right side of the defence. His underlying numbers and raw production were fantastic, but it’s only fair to say that the Canadiens traded him away at the right time, especially since the defencemen they received in exchange for Petry, Mike Matheson, emerged as a dominant force for the team.

In 61 games with the Penguins last season, Petry scored five goals and 26 assists. Despite the criticism, it’s worth pointing out that Petry did, in fact, finish as the highest-scoring player on the Penguins’ blueline last season.


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on one hand – we have space for RHP and Ylonen if they deserve it
On the other hand our forward problem has become our defence problem…again..

Gotta think there is a deal in the works for Petry….

to Chi?
for Bedard and Nazar?



I sure hope there’s more to come. The trade essentially boils down to we dump Hoffman and his 1yr remaining contract and get Petry and his 2yr contract back and a 2nd round pick for our troubles. That doesn’t solve any problems, but rather shifts it. We may have a little more room at forward, but now defence is even more logjammed than before. I sure hope the deal was made with something already in place to move Petry. I loved him when he was a Hab, but that bridge has been severely burned, and despite Covid restrictions being lifted, there’s no way he’s coming back here. If there isn’t something already in the works, this trade is really stupid. It’s a little hard to believe that anything is imminent because if he could have been traded elsewhere, Pittsburgh would have done that already and kept their 2nd round pick. We traded a 1yr headache for a 2yr headache, and a 2nd round pick is definitely not worth that imo. Despite his age, I don’t see the need for Legare. He was likely the throw in to take DeSmith’s LTIR problem off Pittsburgh’s hands. Legare and Pitlick are interchangeable for me. We basically traded an anglophone for a francophone to play in Laval and help the homegrown content there. It’s inconsequential to me. Taking on DeSmith’s LTIR should have come with its own reward too. As it stands, it doesn’t look like we got any return for doing that.


If you go full circle starting with the original Petry trade the Habs got Matheson for nothing and Pittsburgh gave the Habs a second round pick and a fourth round pick for the right to pay 1.5 million of Petrys salary.


Technically we gave up Poehling and Pitlick too, but I understand and am aware of what you are saying. I’m just saying as of right now, the trade is kind of a dud for me because it solved one logjam problem but made 2 more worse. Once Petry and DeSmith (or hopefully Allen) get moved, it’ll look pretty good from our end. But right now, it’s meh.


What gibberish where does it say Desmith is injured or going to be on LTIR? He wasn’t injured last season.It was the season before!


Yep. The first I read about the trade mentioned he could be on LTIR this year. It was obviously bad intel.