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Canadiens Prospect Reinbacher’s Emotional Call With Parents



Montreal Canadiens

One of the most adorable moments of the 2023 NHL Draft took place recently when the 5th overall pick, Montreal Canadiens prospect David Reinbacher, called his family to let them know he had signed an entry-level contract.

Few things tug at your heartstrings more than seeing parents celebrate during their children’s draft day. It serves as a culmination of all their hard work, early-morning drives to peewee tournaments in neighbouring cities, and the rather high amount of money invested toward a brighter future.

Not every player makes it, but when they do, the reaction from their parents is hard to beat.

Sometimes, however, parents simply cannot make it to the Draft in person, due to previous engagements or the realities of the workplace.

That was the case for Reinbacher, who hails from Austria but lives in Switzerland, where he plays with Kloten HC in the NLA.

Thankfully, Reinbacher was able to touch base with his family shortly before he signed his first NHL contract, resulting in yet another sweet moment for the affable prospect, who is quickly becoming a fan favourite among the Canadiens fanbase due to his congenial attitude and charming personality.

It may seem rather straightforward from the outside, but whenever a player is picked in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft there’s a laundry list of media availabilities and team-organized events that immediately take over the prospect’s schedule. The whirlwind of activity is even more intense when you’re chosen by a team like the Montreal Canadiens.

Reinbacher is an old soul and has shown he possesses more maturity than most 18-year-old prospects, but it’s always difficult to undertake important chapters in your life without input from your family.

His emotional reaction to hearing his parents isn’t just adorable, it’s a good reminder that to make it to the NHL you need to be surrounded by a reliable group of supportive people who will do everything it takes to help you achieve your dream.