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Canadiens Top Prospect David Reinbacher Good First Impression



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Now that the dust has settled on the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, the Montreal Canadiens have started to introduce the newest members of the organization to the public.

With the exception of a few trolls who were given too much attention, David Reinbacher’s arrival in Montreal has been met with as much support and excitement by Habs fans as any other top prospect, if not more.

And for good reason.

The 18-year-old defenceman doesn’t just project as a player with significant NHL potential, but he also possesses a rather affable character, one that will surely endear him with the fanbase. He’s the type of player that should seamlessly fit into any locker room, showing the type of maturity that you’d expect from a 10-year veteran.

Beyond his wholesome disposition, Reinbacher has also shown when he was the consensus pick as the top defenceman available at the 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

We must keep in mind how chaotic things become for the young men drafted early, particularly in a market like Montreal. They have to undergo endless interviews, marketing gimmicks, and other various media availabilities in addition to acclimatizing to their new settings, all of which Reinbacher accomplished with aplomb.

Not to mention, he clearly stands out as one of the best players at the development camp, along with fellow defenceman Lane Hutson.

Hutson and Reinbacher showed instant chemistry during scrimmages and drills, an encouraging sign given that they are both projected to play a crucial role in the Canadiens’ rebuild.

Reinbacher’s offensive projections are limited, but they’re also based on the numbers he produced in Kloten with teammates that do not possess high-end potential.

Now that he’s had a few days to play with a partner as talented as Hutson, we can see that there’s a little more offensive potential than previously expected. And Reinbacher has had an opportunity to get to know Hutson, who he claims will be the next “Cale Makar”.

Of course, it’s too early to dream about Hutson winning the James Norris Trophy, or Reinbacher featuring prominently as the quarterback of the Montreal Canadiens power play, but when it comes to first impressions, the 5th overall pick at the 2023 Draft has certainly hit the mark.