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Habs Daily: Harvey-Pinard Value, Reinbacher & Hutson Chemistry



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All the latest Habs news, recent Montreal Canadiens stories, as well as information from around the National Hockey League.

Habs News

  • The Montreal Canadiens announced on Monday that they had come to terms with Rafael Harvey-Pinard on a two-year contract extension that carries an annual average value of $1.1 million. [Harvey-Pinard Extension Brings Great Value To Habs]
  • Lane Hutson and David Reinbacher are both incredibly talented defencemen, which means it’s not surprising that they’re building chemistry at the 2023 Development Camp. It is, however, a rather encouraging sign for the future of the Habs’ blue line.

National Hockey Now Network

  • The San Jose Sharks have added a much-needed goal-scoring winger. The Sharks have acquired Anthony Duclair from the Florida Panthers for Steven Lorentz and a Sharks’ 2025 fifth-round pick. Shayna Goldman was the first on this story, and multiple insiders have noted that this is a salary dump for cap-strapped Florida. [San Jose]
  • Since the Boston Bruins were eliminated from the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Florida Panthers back on April 30, Bruins defenseman Matt Gryzelcyk has been rumoured to be on his way out via trade. [Boston Bruins]
  • From the moment he became GM of the Detroit Red Wings in 2019, it was appearing that Steve Yzerman was bulletproof, but the honeymoon appears to be over. [Detroit Red Wings]
  • Jack Johnson, the veteran defenseman the team has brought in twice to add depth, is returning for one more year with the Avalanche.[Colorado Avalanche]
  • The Nashville Predators are 11 prospects richer after finalizing Barry Trotz’s first draft class as general manager. [Nashville Predators]
  • Matvei Michkov has sent a jolt of energy through the hockey world and electrified the Philadelphia Flyers’ fan base. [Philadelphia Flyers]
  • Former Habs forward Ryan Poehling was not qualified by the Penguins. [Pittsburgh Penguins]
  • The Golden Knights current projected cap hit is $85.7 million which is about $2.2 million over the cap. [Vegas Golden Knights]
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Hudson n ReinB, on the same top line together, say 2024-25…that’s sick.

Imagine how good THAT line would be, if Guhle n Mailloux would be 2nd D line!


Broskie, we can’t score!!!! We needed michkov and the whole world knew it other then Hughes!!!


Right. The WHOLE world knew, other than Hugo. You need to get over this already…your Mich was NOT drafted. Move on.

And when it finally comes to fruition, Hud + Rein will produce plenty of goals. I can’t wait!


Not sure what you are watching but you need to look at more than just the stats from last year. We had as many as 10 AHL players playing in some of the Habs games last year. Pretty sure if many of our regular players played all year, like CC and Dach, then our offense would have been much better. This is a young team and it will improved drastically over the next 2 years. Michkov by himself would not have made any difference, especially since he is not available for at least 3 more years.
BTW, he is over rated in my opinion. We have no data on him except playing in the Russian Junior Leagues and the KHL. Russia may claim the KHL is equal or better than the NHL, but that is no where near the truth. Remember Wideman’s last yr in the KHL, He was voted it’s best dman. That should tell you the truth, but you have to listen. Something you do not seem to be doing.


I’m for it
But really i wish Hughes would stop hiding behind the kid.
I heard him Lie about MTL being mad we took a French Defensman in the 1st round too.

But really what we want is an answer to why he did a 180 in 12 months?
Draft Nemec and Reinbacher =fans cheer
Draft Cooley and Reinbacher= fans cheer
Draft Wright and Reinbacher =fans cheer
Draft Slafkovsky and Reinbacher =Fans Riot

Hughes said we passed on Nemec in specific because he had Faith in Barron and we Needed Goal Scorers especially with Size going forward. Fans heard that and it became what Defined Hughes in their eyes.

Fast Forward a year later and he’s passed on Mickov >Slafkovsy and fans are mad.
There is a reason , its cause they remember his words and put a timer on it.
MB blew 2 top 5 picks and was fired same as Gorton in NYR. This mishandling is viewed as 1 screw up that could come back to bite MTL big time. If he had better mentors we’d have faith but he doesnt and both have a history of failing or letting others fail to the point they screw the team long term.

We want answers but sadly Journalists today suck.
Stu Cowan and Jack Todd will bully a Teenager like Mailloux.
But ask them to show Journalistic Integrity and they’re Silent.
What about you Mr DuMont? Are you a Coward too?
Or can you ask the Hard Questions and Find the Answers for the people?

Last edited 2 months ago by HabsDiehard