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QMJHL Forward Confident The Canadiens Could Draft Him



Canadiens draft target Ethan Gauthier

The Montreal Canadiens have been busy, especially now that the 2023 NHL Entry Draft is just around the corner.

And while the majority of the attention has been given to their early pick in the first round, which will be fifth overall, they also happen to own the 31st overall pick.

One of the players the Canadiens are considering at 31st overall is Joshua Roy’s former teammate, Ethan Gauthier. Gauthier, 18, is the son of former NHLer Denis Gauthier.

He finished his second season in the QMJHL with 30 goals and 39 assists in 66 games while playing in a secondary and tertiary role for Sherbrooke.

Combine Interview

Gauthier was one of the players the Canadiens interviewed ahead of the Draft, as explained during his interview (FR) with TVA’s Anthony Martineau.

“It’s a team that really likes my style of play,” said Gauthier regarding his interview with the Habs. “They really like how much energy I bring to every shift. I met them at the combine. The interview was difficult compared to others, but I got a very good feeling. I did well.

“I’m confident that if I’m available when they draft I could hear my name called. It would be incredible to be a member of the Montreal Canadiens.”

As for his style of play, Gauthier describes himself as a power forward that isn’t afraid of heading into dirty areas and is equally good at forechecking and backchecking. He referenced the Tkachuk brothers as players he emulates, while also noting that he’s much shorter than both Brady and Matthew.

The 5’11” right winger mentions his shot and hockey IQ as two important assets.

“I’d see myself in a role like Sam Bennett, with the Canadiens, or another team,” said Gauthier. “A type of player that plays on a second, third, or fourth line, that brings energy, that’s good defensively and offensively. A player that can rile up the opposition.

As for which player he’d like to play with on the team, Gauthier quickly mentioned that he and Josh Anderson would make for a very good combination, particularly in the playoffs, where his game shines brightest.

Gauthier’s pre-draft rankings are all over the map, with some outlets ranking him as low as 79th overall due to some concerns about his skating, whereas Bob MacKenzie’s mid-season rankings had Gauthier 16th overall.