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Habs Daily: Canadiens Draft Plans, Open To Trading 5th Overall?



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Habs News

  • The Florida Panthers finished the playoffs extremely banged up, a reality that may significantly impact the Montreal Canadiens’ future draft outlook, especially in 2025. [Panthers Impact Canadiens Draft Outlook]
  • The Montreal Canadiens now know exactly where they’ll be picking in the 2023 NHL Draft, but will they keep those picks? [Canadiens Draft Picks]
  • The Habs cannot emulate Vegas’ Stanley Cup formula. but they can certainly learn from the aggressive approach. Bold trades, not dwelling on mistakes, & taking advantage of a league where risk is considered a sin.[How The Canadiens Could Learn From Golden Knights]

National Hockey Now Network

  • Matthew Tkachuk was the big story after not being able to play in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final on Tuesday night, but a number of Florida Panthers paid a high toll in order for their team to make their unlikely playoff run. [Florida Panthers]
  • Longtime NHL centre Jason Spezza has been named the Pittsburgh Penguins’ new assistant general manager. [Pittsburgh Penguinss]
  • Will Smith has a pretty good chance of going to the San Jose Sharks at No. 4, what type of player are they getting?[San Jose Sharks]
  • It was a garish statement in its time. November 22, 2016, the owner of the brand new franchise about to be named the Vegas Golden Knights made a simple declaration. The team would make the playoffs in three years, “the Cup in six.”. [Vegas Golden Knights]
  • It has been 45 days since the Seattle Kraken ended the season of the Colorado Avalanche. In those 45 days, the Avalanche have made zero moves pertaining to the NHL roster. No re-signings, no trades, nothing. Sure, they’ve made a few minor moves here and there, but nothing that will have an impact on the NHL roster. That is likely to change very soon. [Colorado Avalanche]
  • The Flyers made qualifying offers to five players Wednesday, according to general manager Daniel Brière. [Philadelphia Flyers]
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Only way they’re able to trade up if the ducks have a Michkov high on there list and there sure if he fall in the 5 spot. As for San Jose it wouldn’t surprise me if they go off the board.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jimmy

You could always just work out a deal before the habs announce the 5th pick.

Last edited 3 months ago by Dave