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Former Canadiens GM Linked To Pittsburgh Penguins



Montreal Canadiens, Marc-Bergevin, Shea Weber

Former Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin has once again been linked to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The 57-year-old was general manager of the Montreal Canadiens from 2012 to 2021. Since his departure from the Canadiens, he’s been with the L.A. Kings organization as a Senior Advisor to general manager Rob Blake.

However, according to NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman, Bergevin could be getting into the mix in this summer’s general manager hunt.

As Friedman mentioned on 32 Thoughts, there is talk that Marc Bergevin‘s name floating around the Pittsburgh Penguins, as their search for a general manager gets underway.

“Pittsburgh is going to look for someone with experience, but also a younger, fresher view. Obviously, a few teams will be interested, but I think Pittsburgh will be one of them,” said Friedman regarding the fit between Bergevin and Pittsburgh. “They’re going to be looking for someone with experience, and I can see Bergevin as one of the guys on their radar to be one of those people.”

Jeff Marek then pointed out that Begervin has a history with the Penguins, having played for them 159 games in his career.

Another key point to remember is that Marc Bergevin is also very good friends with part owner, Mario Lemieux, making the fit even more attractive for the organization.

Bergervin has experience handling the transition of an aging core, as he attempted to do exactly that for the Montreal Canadiens from 2018 to his departure in late 2021.

Current Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes has openly applauded his predecessor’s work in leaving them a solid foundation of youth with which to build around moving forward, and the Penguins are would hope that he can squeeze one more run out of their core, while also preparing for the future.

It will be an interesting summer for general manager hires, and you can bet it won’t be the last time we hear Marc Bergevin’s name in the mix.

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Mannato Mancini

Ruined Montreal canadiens organization, now go ruin Pittsburg penguins. What a morron.

John Stone

truly is a moron… the bs he did with his tenure here.. more bad trades in his years here compared to the entire history of the habs


I disagree, he made a bunch of really good trades they just drafted really poorly until the last few years.


No he made a few Gambles that paid off.
Only thing Impressive he did was 2-3 deals and a signing he didnt blow.

Taking Undrafted Raphael Diaz flipping him for Weise then Flipping Weise/Fleischman for Danault and Romanov. It took him 3-4 years but he did it

Then there was Scandella for 30 days for a 4th.
Then we flipped him for a 2nd and a 4th.
We traded our 2nd for a 2nd and a 4th to TBL
We got Trudeau,Kappanen and Farrell.

Lastly there was Plekanec for 2nd and 2 Prospects.
We flipped the 2 prospects for Kulak while Jacob Olofsson busted(2nd rounder)
We then flipped Kulak 3-4 years later for 2nd and Laggesson .
Lagesson washed out while the 2nd rounder became Lane Hutson.

The last one i give Hughes credit for the trade but he was left a few good pieces like Kulak he could exploit. IF MB let Plekky retire a habs like many teams do with their guys close to retirement , we’d have no Lane Hutson IMO

Outside that they rest were Gambles that paid off with a Catch.
Usually a combination of having to overpay them or like Petry where he only successfully played beside 3 players out of the 30-40 he played with in MTL since acquiring him.


He destroyed the Canadiens!! And he dressed like a clown at every game, the sap.

John Stone

i feel sorry for crosby and malkin if he gers the job… prolly will healthy scratch them like he did here with veterans


GM= Decides who stays in NHL and who doesnt

Coach = Decides who plays when , where and why.

Coaches dont take interference from GM’s lightly.
FLA shit show with Gerard Gallant and Tom Rowe is clear example of what happens when a GM Sticks his nose where it doesnt belong. Rowe screwed up his entire career becoming a joke among NHL Management as his rise as Dave Tallons Successor showed us what happens when a fool takes over and thinks he’s a Coach


Think of the bright side- Maybe the Habs can trade the Penguins some of the overpriced players that Bergy gave long term deals to, at least before the Pens realize what a shambles he will leave them in after year 1.


Too bad he can’t trade for Kotkaniemi… but at least he might still have Petry.

John Stone

lol i cant comment my real opinion about this jerk?

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