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Canadiens Paul Byron Speaks On Career, Future Options



Canadiens byron

A rather despondent Montreal Canadiens forward Paul Byron addressed the media on Friday during the team’s final media availability of the season.

“I still want to play, But with every day that passes, it’s difficult,” he said. “I’ll have to wait a little while and make another decision.

“I did everything I could. I keep trying in the gym. Keep talking with doctors. No, there’s no new information. My body isn’t in a better situation. But I am looking toward the future. I’m still not sure what I’ll do. We’ll see.”

Years of wear and tear took their toll on the Canadiens forward, who put his body on the line almost every night.

“Every time I skate, it hurts. So, it’s something that I will look at further in the next few weeks. It’s very difficult to play,” he said. “Sometimes I think about my future, I’m 34, and sometimes there are times I can’t even walk for 30 minutes. walking at theme parks with my kids hurt. It’s worrying, but there are treatments I can look into.

“The future is not clear, but at the moment, the more I play, the more it will hurt later in life.”

Though Byron is unlikely to ever make a return to the ice, he did communicate with Canadiens management that he would be interested in becoming part of the development process, perhaps as a player development coach.

“‘I’ve communicated my desire to stay with the team in a different role, but there’s no answer yet. It’s something I’d be interested in. I love the game. I love being here. I love watching the games. When Kent and Geoff asked me, that’s why I joined them. I asked to be part of the team moving forward. That could be a factor in my decision going forward. New management, new teams, they don’t know you, your character, so I took the time to let them get to know me.”

Despite the frustration of knowing his NHL career is done, Byron has no regrets.

“No regrets. Never. I was so lucky to play, so lucky to have a career like this. If I had another chance, I’d do it all over again.”

And though his time with teammates may be over, Byron recognizes the time he spent with his family is worth its weight in gold.

“It was worse for them than for me,” he said. “If I had known last year was my last game, things would have played out differently. I never had that last moment to put the gear on. It’s been many years that I’ve been fighting through injuries, so I feel like I am a lot more at ease today than my kids, they don’t truly understand what’s going on. Right now it’s tough. They ask why I’m not playing, and it’s been hard on them. But I’ve gotten to enjoy the experience with them. To be around them more often. To bring them to the press box. That’s the type of stuff I’ve appreciated.”


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Best of luck to Byron in his future, whatever that may be. I hope the team has a special presentation for him next season. They should give him a huge framed picture of that goal he scored vs Toronto in the 2021 playoffs. What a beauty. When I think of Byron in the future, that’s the first image that comes to mind.


They should give him a Player Development Job like they did Franky Boullion when he retired . He’s been amazing for us since we hired him after playing a similar role as Byron.(depth Leader who played well above his size dictated he would)

Especially when it comes to Skating in Particular , Byron’s the best option.
You see his kid skate? If he can teach an Adolescent to do that , he can teach anyone.


I haven’t seen his kid skate, but if his knees are so bad he can’t even walk for 30min at a theme park without being in pain, I’m not sure how he’s going to be able to do anything on the ice with our prospects. If we’re going to hire a recent ex-player to work with kids, I’d love to see us use Price to work with Montembeault and all the young goalies we have. If he can pass on even a little bit of his mojo to any of those guys, we’ll be in good shape for the future. He’d also have tremendous insight on how to handle the pressure of being the #1 goalie in this intense market.


If we can hire and Keep Alex Burrows . . .
I dont see how this is a discussion, Byron should have a shot.

We have Development in Brassard where he could thrive with Franky Boullion.
We got AHL where Houle could use an Associate Coach as Houle’s too good not to Promote or get a NHL job elsewhere . That said his dad running the Canadiens Alumni and he’s expressed his dream is to Coach for MTL so its more likely Byron will get 2-3 years with him.

This feels more like Molson being Molson and treating former players how he has since basically taking over the the team. Kovalev wanted a Contract was lowballed, Kovalev wanted to transition behind the scenes and Molson said take a hike. There’s a reason Koivu loves ANA and Snubs MTL , because Molson came and Koivu went “not again ” having lived through both the sale and re-purchase of the team.

Molson only ever does something good when Fans are harping on Molson Breweries who control the destiny of Geoff’s ownership just like they did his dad Eric. Molson lost control of their own Company when Roy left and Peter Coors kept the family out of power until he semi retired 2 years ago. Peter’s Son is just waiting for an excuse to shift the power back in their Families name again.

Great team but the best year post Original 6 all came from Bronfmans and Gillette families owning the team and building it. Molsons just pissed away what they built up

Curtis Ault

Always seemed a pretty smart guy, I think it would be a good idea to keep him around in a management role.

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