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Canadiens Could Bolster Goalie Pipeline With NCAA Free Agent



Montreal Canadiens

With the Montreal Canadiens looking to shore up their goaltending pipeline, an NCAA standout is emerging as a potential solid gamble to take.

Yaniv Perets, a 23-year-old goaltender currently playing for Quinnipiac University, has been putting up stellar numbers in the NCAA for the last couple of seasons.

Currently in his third season with the Bobcats, the 6-foot-1,189-pound goaltender has been impressing scouts across the board with his stellar compete level.

There was some concern that his breakout season, which saw the energetic goaltender register a sparkling 0.939 save percentage and 1.17 goals-against average was just an aberration or beginner’s luck.

However, Perets returned to the Bobcats this season and has put up near identical stats this season, posting a 0.929 save percentage and a 1.52 goals-against average.

His impeccable play has earned him the title of ECAC Goaltender of Year in 2022 and again in 2023; while also being one of the ten finalists for the 2023 Hobey Baker award.

Seen as a late-bloomer in the NCAA, the Dollard-des-Ormeaux native could realistically turn pro this spring, after two consecutive seasons with elite statistics with Quinnipiac, as he doesn’t have much left to prove at the collegiate level.

Organizational Depth

If the Montreal Canadiens want to offer prospect Jakub Dobes another year in the NCAA, they could turn to Perets as an interesting project for next season.

The Canadiens currently don’t have a backup pegged for Cayden Primeau in the AHL with the Laval Rocket, leaving the door wide open for a minor-league goalie signing.

Since Perets just turned 23, he would only be eligible for a two-year entry-level contract.

Being able to offer a two-year deal means that the Canadiens could allow the to spend the next two seasons to the hometown kid with their AHL affiliate, before making a decision on his future when he’s gotten a handle of the pro game.

It could be a very interesting project for the organization, as they look to settle the future of their goaltending pipeline in the coming years.

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No Need
Unless someone better then Allen is available, we’re good.
Harabal is our best shot but there’s a couple future Starters in this draft.

Primeau is actually getting really good
His puck handling hasnt been getting him in any trouble this year


No need for quantity goaltending in the pipeline with Primeau no longer waiver exempt next season?


That makes zero sense Darryl. First off Primeau has been terrible and shows no signs of getting better at the NHL level. So YES, we need a goalie, badly. We would be lucky if someone takes Primeau off our hands next year.


Yes Billy does not quite understand what he is talking about.


Sorry Billy. Once again your just wrong. Allen is not a starter, never was. As for Primeau, he is getting worse, not better. I have no idea what your watching but it certainly is not the Habs.




Yes Scott that is true, has been since the last part of last year. Even though Monty played with a broken hand, he was still better than Allen.


At 6’1” he’s probably not tall enough for the NHL these days. He sounds intriguing, but if he has to be passed through waivers next season before assigning him to Laval, what’s to stop somebody else who wanted to sign him from claiming him. If he doesn’t have to be passed through waivers, it might be a good insurance policy because I think Primeau is likely to be claimed after training camp when we try to send him down.


Not sure what your issue with goalies being under 6 ft, or in this case 6,1 but your absolutely clueless there Tyrone. You really should just stop.


You aren’t fooling anyone Dave. #davecavanaugh #davidcavanaugh


??? OK tyrone, I have no idea what your talking about but that is nothing new for you. Who is davecavanaugh and what does he have to do with any of this?

Cree country native_306

I would most definitely take a shot on this kid. His stats are really good. But again so was l
Primeau when he was with the Huskies. Agree with the comments on primeau, he garbage rn anyways. Need some kinda miracle turn his shit around lol. Come on Hughes make it happen!


So Marco, you are going to allow a fool like Tyrone to ruin a pretty good webpage? Overall you write good articles, but Tyrone will ruin it with his complete disregard for civility and then pretend he is the victim. His #davidcavanaugh bit is a perfect example. I have no idea what he is going on about but I did find previous rants of his where he plays the same child like games. Any time you disagree with his mumbo jumbo he takes offence and plays the victim card. He once claimed Monembeault was useless (his words) and now tries to calim he knew all along he was better than Allen. Next he whined about how bad Dach was. Now he sees him as one of the future centers on Montreal. Now he claims I am someone else, just because I refuse to put up with his “poor me” attitude.Very lame and sad of him. Why do you tolerate it?

Last edited 12 hours ago by Joe

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