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Canadiens Cole Caufield Out For Season With Injury



Cole Caufield

The Montreal Canadiens just announced that forward Cole Caufield will be out for the remainder of the season due to an upper-body injury.

The Montreal Canadiens announced that Cole Caufield’s season is done. The 22-year-old sniper suffered a season-ending injury to his right shoulder that will require him to undergo surgery to repair.

The Canadiens announced that further information will be released about the upcoming procedure and a timetable for Caufield’s eventual return.

It’s a terrible bit of news for the Canadiens, as Caufield was one of the few bright spots for them so far this season.

In 46 games, the diminutive sniper put up an impressive 26 goals and ten assists for 36 points in just 46 games.

At his current pace, Caufield was on pace to not only hit the 40-goal plateau, but also flirt with the notion of hitting 50 goals.

He was an instrumental part of the Montreal Canadiens’ offence, accounting for 26 of Montreal’s 122 goals this season; a staggering 21% of the team’s offence.

Implications for Caufield

It’s terrible news for Cole Caufield, as he was having one of the most prolific scoring seasons in recent memory for the Canadiens.

It’s even more of a bummer when you consider that this is a contract year for the NHL sophomore, one that could have made him possibly even richer had he continued on his current scoring pace.

Obviously, Caufield will be handsomely paid regardless, but having 40 goals in one season under your belt is a surefire way to make you one of the 30 highest-paid players in the game, as only a handful of players achieve that feat on a regular basis.

Implications for Canadiens

For the Canadiens, this is terrible news, as Caufield’s goal-scoring kept them afloat throughout the season.

After Caufield, had Nick Suzuki with 16 goals and Josh Anderson with 13 goals as the only players on the team having double-digit goal production.

With Caufield out, the offence may very well dry up for the Canadiens, leading to a tumble down the standings.

Canadiens Cole Caufield’s True Rank In A 2019 Re-Draft

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lets get ready to Tuuummmbllle


Sucks but on the positive side, good for the tank. Now send rookies to the AHL for remainder of the season. Call up echl players and trade Hoffman and Armia.


Shocking news. I hope this doesn’t mess up the plan to lock him into an 8yr contract this summer. I can see his agent wanting to do a short bridge deal now, in order to have the best leverage after a 40-50 goal season. They would have had that this year, but I think the odds of getting him signed to 8yrs was better before the injury. The flip side of the argument is maybe Caufield’s camp want to grab the security of a max term contract in case his size leads to frequent injuries and durability issues. It was always a worry. It was enough of a concern for 14 teams to pass on him in his draft.


He’s not built fragile. He’s a little bulldog who will get stronger.

Brian Chandler

All these injuries need to be looked into is it conditioning or other factors?

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