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Canadiens GM Job: Anaheim Exec Addresses Candidacy Rumours



Montreal Canadiens

Many names were tossed around during the Montreal Canadiens’ search for a new General Manager last year, and Martin Madden Jr. was one of them.

When EVP Jeff Gorton began his search, names like Patrick Roy, Mathieu Darche and John Madden Jr. were among those rumorued to be considered for the GM job in Montreal.

Given Madden Jr’s strong record of scouting and drafting top talent over the years, there was a lot of momentum within the fan base to see him be considered for the position, as the Canadiens desperately looked to revamp their drafting and development pĥilosophies.

However, on a recent interview with Jean-Charles Lajoie of BPM Sports, Madden Jr revealed that, at the time when the Canadiens were looking for a replacement for Marc Bergevin, he was a little preoccupied.

“Nobody asked me any questions (regarding the role of General Manager) other than the President of the Ducks who wanted to know if I wanted to be part of the interview process for the open GM position in Anaheim,” said Madden Jr. in regards to rumours linking him to the Montreal Canadiens.

It’s an interesting bit of information, as the Anaheim Ducks eventually settled on hiring from the outside, securing former Detroit Red Wings Assistant General Manager, Pat Verbeek for the role, while Madden Jr. remained as Assistant General Manager in Anaheim.

“When I said yes to this question in November, my focus became my future with the Ducks,” revealed Madden Jr, who was assured that he had a future with the organization. “However, my answer was conditional on eventually becoming a General Manager in the NHL. That’s why I didn’t talk to other organizations across the league at that time.”

There were quite a few open General Manager position across the NHL at the time, as Anaheim, Montreal, Vancouver and Chicago were all looking for new leadership at that time.

That being said, you can easily say that things worked out for all parties, as the Canadiens seem to have made a shrewd choice in Kent Hughes, and the Anaheim Ducks, who look like they’re going to be drafting quite high this year, will be needing Madden Jr. quite a bit leading up to the 2023 NHL Draft.


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