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NHL Analyst Suggests Major Trade Between Canadiens & Sharks



Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens remain on the lookout for a top right-shot defenceman, and NHL analyst Mike Johnson suggests they can fill that need via a blockbuster move with the San Jose Sharks.

In a recent segment on, Johnson goes into detail on how Erik Karlsson’s deal might be too much for a team to take on in one shot; and he’s not wrong.

At $11.5M for another four years, the 32-year-old would be a heavy burden to take on anyone’s salary structure, but Johnson believes there’s a way for the Canadiens and the Sharks to find some common ground by sacrificing a higher value contract in the process to even the salary structure.

“I think it might be a team where, can you spot a contract that you want to move from or want to unload, I think of Montreal,” suggested Johnso. “Brendan Gallagher has had a great run in Montreal but he has 4 more years at $5-$6M, can you trade a guy like that who still has value, but term matches up on the contract, you’re really going to add just $3-$4M to your payroll instead of the full 11.5, those are the types of deals, those are the types of teams that could possibly look at it.”

Gallagher’s actual salary is $6.5M for another four seasons after this one, meaning the difference would be $5M in actual salary. Should the Sharks retain a small amount, say $2M, then it would be more than palatable on the Canadiens’ salary structure moving forward; especially with talks of the salary cap increasing by up to $4M this summer, according to Gary Bettman.

That being said, this is a trade that would have a lot of ifs.

Erik Karlsson would want to move to Montreal, as he has a full No-Movement clause in his contract, while Gallagher has a 6-team No-Trade clause in his contract; so some massaging would need to occur for such a deal to go down.

That being said, Karlsson at a discount could be exactly the type of move the Canadiens could jump on to acquire an experienced top-pair defenceman to help shepherd the young defence.

However, for the purposes of this season, such a trade would likely have to go to the summer, as the Canadiens don’t necessarily want Karlsson to come in and help them contend this season; but more likely next season; as they continue to grow their team out for the future.

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Let’s push for the playoffs. But let’s trade them Dadonov, Hoffman Armia instead.


I am confident that Huhges and Gorton would NEVER be foolish enough to consider taking on Karlsson and his absurd contract – Sharks are stuck with him. In case some people missed it – Habs are engaged in a youth movement – not a retirement community

Last edited 17 days ago by BRINKLEY

I think you dont understand the concept of Balance.
Weber needed Dan Hamuis and Kimmo Timmonen among others when He, Suter, Klein and Franson were coming up in their youth movement after NSH selected 3 Defensmen in the first 2 rounds of the 2003 NHL draft. All 3 went on to have lengthy stints in the NHL and were surrounded by the right Veterans 9/10 people trashed at the time.

TBH no one’s passing on Karlsson especially if SJS RS.
Same arguements are always used but we’re not talking about Subban making 9.5m and accomplishing nothing and producing less once his payday arrived.

We’re talking one of the best defensman in the league even after his major injury took him from Elite Star many kept comparing to Lidstrom to All Star i’d compare to Phil Housley in 1992 or 1993. His offensve cut in half and 40-50pts a season up til he was 37 then dropped off to Savard Production his final few years before retiring at 39 or 40.

You move out Savard and Matheson
Bring in Karlsson , keep Edmundston
Wideman isnt doing great on ice but as a 7th D
He’s a team friendly mentor the youth love as seen in every Habs tv video Challenge Video the kids have done this year to date .

Ghule+ Karlsson= Best Option for Ghule’s Development.
Harris+ Kovacevich = Best option for Harris Development
Xhekaj + Eddy =Best for Xhekaj given thats the role he’ll grow to play longterm


All that said i need to Underline the Cost would need to be lowered like this Article suggests SJS do by RS of 2m over multiple years

The odds of a deal like this happening rely on SJS taking less Picks and Prospects being happy with getting players. IMO they’d need to take both Gally and Armia or Anderson and Armia just to start the coversation without them RS on Karlsson


I’m all for it as it benefits Ghule’s development the most.
That’s the type of investment you dont mind making.

Given Burns return im thinking SJS would have to sell just as low

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