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Canadiens Logan Mailloux Not Cleared To Play In NHL.. Yet



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Montreal Canadiens Logan Mailloux will need to be cleared by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman before being allowed to play in the NHL.

In an article produced by La Presse‘s Simon-Olivier Lorange, it was confirmed that Gary Bettman and NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly have not signed off on having the young Mailloux play in the NHL as of yet; despite the youngster having signed his entry-level contract last month.

According to Montreal Canadiens executive vice-president Jeff Gorton, Bettman’s involvement in the final approval of Mailloux’s inclusion in the NHL was always part of the plan.

“I always knew that Gary was going to be part of that conversation, and Logan knows it too,” said Gorton to Lorange.

This was information that has been relayed to Mailloux since he was drafted by the Canadiens and, most recently, when he put pen to paper on his entry-level deal.

The uproar over the Boston Bruins’ signing of Mitchell Miller, and Bettman’s statement regarding his ineligibility to play in the NHL has been a major point of contention for the past week.

Unlike Miller, whom Bettman has confirmed not to have had any updates on nor conversations with, information on Mailloux’s situation has been relayed in a consistent fashion to the NHL commissioner. He’s confirmed to be in the know of what the Canadiens are trying to work on with him and has open channels of communication.

That being said, Gorton confirmed that, there will come a time when Logan Mailloux will have to face the NHL’s top officials to display his growth and demonstrate it in person.

“When he’ll be ready to turn pro and will get close to the NHL, he’s going to have to talk to Gary,” said Gorton to Lorange.

Ultimately, the situation has been handled with far more tact on the Montreal Canadiens’ end. Mailloux has also been more open and transparent about his ongoings since being drafted than the Miller camp has seemingly been.

That honesty and goodwill, along with signs of growth and accountability, continue to hint toward a positive outcome for the young man.

Whatever the outcome, Gary Bettman will have that final say.


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Gary has no place to talk.
He’s Paid for his Crime which wasnt a Felony.
Unless he’s going to re-write the rules the NHLPA will take him out.

Miller is also not terminated by BOS for similar reasons.
If they do terminate him NHLPA will challenge it and win.
Cant say incidents that were public knowledge from when he was 7-14 years old played a part in the decision after the fact. It would require them to decline knowledge of an event they publicly stated they knew about.

PC = Lynch Mobs
With Twitter banning Humans and Bots increasing yearly on their platform its no real surprise how easy it is to Manipulate the narrative. We know Musk is the type of person who would do it.

Thank god ill be dead by the time the impact of such things will be felt.
A time where Liberals rally Lynch Mobs against undesired people like they did in Germany going after a mostly Conservative Jewish Faith targeting them. Liberals are easily manipulated because they want Equality but have no grasp of what Equality truly means so you can keep moving the Goal Post’s on them over and over and over.

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