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Canadiens & Flyers Make Logical Trade Partners, Especially Now



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The Philadelphia Flyers’ growing injury list could provide the Montreal Canadiens with an opportunity to solve their logjam at forward.

The Philadelphia Flyers are hurting right now, with Sean Couturier set to miss three-to-four months after a procedure on his back. Add to the fact that Ryan Ellis isn’t expected to play this season and James Van Riemsdyk is expected to miss six weeks, and the Flyers are going to have a time sustaining their early-season success if they don’t use their extra space to add to their roster, especially at centre.

In an article released earlier this year Couturier, Philly Hockey Now’s Sam Carchidi proposed three options that could make sense for the Flyers in the short and long term. One of those options was Montreal Canadiens’ centre, Christian Dvorak.

3 Players Flyers Could Pursue If Coots Is Sidelined for Long (+)

After the acquisition of Sean Monahan last, the Montreal Canadiens have a surplus of centres, while the Flyers would have Kevin Hayes as their No. 1 centre in the absence of Couturier. Monahan has proven to be an effective centre for the Canadiens during his time with them so far this season and perhaps giving him the opportunity to run his own line could further help spread the offence for the Canadiens. This could allow the Canadiens to dangle Dvorak in a trade.

Although he’s been slow to produce the offence so far this season, Dvorak continues to excel in two areas the Flyers are struggling in: penalty kill and faceoffs. As we currently speak, the Flyers are 30th in the NHL in the faceoff circle with an average of about 42%, while Dvorak continues to be his reliable self with a 53.7% success rate so far this season.

Further ailing the Flyers so far this season has been their penalty kill, which sits 20th overall wat 77.3%, while Dvorak holds down a crucial penalty-killing role for the Canadiens, a group of defensively-minded players that recently received a lot of praise from head coach Martin St. Louis.

That could be exactly what he could bring to this Flyers’ roster if the price is right.

The other aspect is that Couturier’s return to full form is currently being put in question, as this is the kind of back issue that could never go away. Thus securing their centre-ice position would be essential to ensure they stay in the hunt for a playoff spot this season and into the future.

Kent Hughes has already swooped in and taken advantage of an equally dire situation when he extracted a 1st round pick from the Calgary Flames as an incentive to take on Monahan. It wouldn’t be the least bit surprising to hear that some dialogue was had between both general managers on the subject; as the Flyers don’t want to kill the momentum of their club, which has been surprisingly good out of the gate this season.

When it comes to these deals, it’s all a question of timing, but the clock is ticking on the Philadelphia Flyers and GM Chuck Fletcher.

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PHI has no interest unless we take on Ellis.
After the old GM acquired him he’s been nothing but a distraction.
If he ever makes it of LTIR then maybe another team might value him.

But they gave up good pieces and seen no reward.
They need pieces back and him gone.

Issue is MTL isnt interested in that unless they pay us OR
Savard and Dvorak for Ellis, 1st round pick top 3 protected, 2nd round pick and Radcliffe

Radcliffe was Suzuki’s Protector in their Memorial Cup Run while also being the Veteran Leader on the team to help him adjust. He’s a Josh Anderson type stylistically playing somewhere inbetween Anderson and Armia’s level likely on the 3rd pair.

PHI gets to move forward with a RD that fits their systems need as well as getting a Servicable Center to play. PHI gets Depth to support their youth movement with Savard despite his knocks when played anywhere but #1 RD is actually really consistent. Dvorak’s Faceoff Consistency and ability as a Center make him the ideal 3rd line center for anyone trying to win a cup as he out produce’s 90% of the NHL’s 3rd line Centers in the faceoff circle


Nope. It would have to be Dvorak and Hoffman for Radcliffe and van reimsdyke and a 2nd rounder. Habs can take back a bad contract of around 2 million of an expiring contract as well.


On second thought, Maybe the flyers get a 2nd and habs get a 3rd. Radcliffe is supposed to be good, right??


Have no interest in taking back more forwards.. enough of a log jam, and if they can move a Centre, getting picks and a serviceable prospect makes too much sense


Habs don’t have a surplus of centre and even though Dvorak wasn’t worth a 1st round pick. He is still the only legit option on the 3rd line. Dach can’t win a faceoff to save his life.


How about we keep Dvorak! York is still in the minors and why would we retain more Salary to help a same Conference team?


You’re right Marc, you do not mention Salary or York in your article, it was an answer to another who mentioned York. I don’t believe in helping Conference rivals. Thanks

John Spearing

we need to unload Drouin, Hoffman, and Dadonov… but none of them have value right now and we have patience,,, Dvorak doesn’t need to be moved and if he is moved we need to get the same kind of return as we gave up. Dvorak is still one of (if not our best) face off guys and he is still a useful asset to this team.
I would need an unprotected 1st rounder with a good prospect (Ratcliffe) to even consider a move and I probably need a sweetener or 2 to get it done 😉
Philly is desperate, not us.

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