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Carey Price Treated Friday As If It Might Be His Last Game



Montreal Canadiens

In maybe his most candid comments regarding his future yet, Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price admitted to the media Saturday that he approached and played the Canadiens’ 10-2 win over the Florida Panthers as if it may have been the final game of NHL career.

“Yep. The whole day. …it was just an exceptional day for myself. I had a great sleep, it was just an A+ day,” Price replied when asked point-blank if he prepared for the 2021-22 season finale for the Montreal Canadiens Friday as if ‘it may be it’

“So if it is it, then that would be great way to do it.”

With roughly 20 seconds to go in the game Friday night, and the Canadiens in possession of the puck not too far away in front of him Carey Price put his stick on top his net and began waving at his family. That left many in the building and watching from afar wondering if that was a sign that this was it?

“I looked up and saw my wife and Millie [his daughter] and she was waving at me so I waved back. …I thought the whistle would’ve blown but regardless, it was definitely a happy moment,” Price said.

Throughout his end of the season media availability, Price was extremely blunt and honest about his future not just with the Montreal Canadiens but also as an NHL goalie. Unfortunately, as he notified reporters, his visit Wednesday in New York City, with the doctor that performed the surgery on his torn right meniscus, did not provide many answers and there will be plenty of consultations and evaluations in the near future to determine the next step for the Canadiens’ goalie.

“We sat down briefly, we went over some imaging. No real questions were answered,” Price said.

As for how he felt after earning his first and only win of the season Friday, he was positive but reiterated he’s no where close to having answers on his future.

“I feel good. Felt good to get a win last night, to end the season that way,” Price replied. “Physically I’m feeling okay. I’ve got a few questions to ask, and a few appointments to make to plan out my off-season. It’s been a difficult process, a frustrating one. Moving forward, having another opinion, were going to sit down and formulate a plan. The best thing I could do and stay positive.”

The Montreal Canadiens starter for the last ten seasons also acknowledged that another surgery could be possible and said that as of now he cannot envision himself playing a full starter’s workload next season.

“My honest opinion is no,” Price replied bluntly when asked of he could see himself playing 55-65 games next season. “I don’t believe that the current state, it would be sustainable for a whole season. So in that regard, again, I got a lot of question marks and fortunately for me, I got a lot of time over the summer to prepare so we’ll see.”

As he has told the media throughout the season, if Price does come back to play in the NHL next season, his plans are to do so with the Montreal Canadiens and help mold the young team into a contenders again.

“I’ve been a Hab my whole life and I feel like it’s part of my identity,” Price said. “The future is so bright for this team and the kids that are on this team right now are spectacular people and they bring a lot of energy and I hope to be a part of that.”

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