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Brendan Gallagher Slights Brady Tkachuk At Ceremonial Face Off



Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher was already public enemy No. 1 in Ottawa, and he did nothing to calm the outrage of Ottawa Senators fans after a notable slight to captain Brady Tkachuk during the pre-game ceremony.

As part of #HockeyTalks Night, the Senators Community Foundation presented a $35,000 donation to the Youth Services Bureau and DIFD to these organizations to continue providing youth mental health services and resources to those in need in the Ottawa region. Brendan Gallagher and Brady Tkachuk were called to center ice for the ceremonial puck drop to commemorate the donation. Once the puck was dropped, Gallagher went and hugged the four women, but then skated away before shaking Brady Tkachuk’s hand, a customary gesture during ceremonial puck drops.

Tkachuk was visibly infuriated with Gallagher all night and was often seen chirping him from the bench while the game was going on. Gallagher had this to say when asked to comment on the situation after the game.

“They [Sens fans] were booing me, and it kinda caught me off-guard, ” said Gallagher on the incident. “I was laughing and got caught up in the whole thing; I forgot to shake Brady’s hand – just an honest mistake, got caught up in it, and he had some things to say, and I told him he was right.”

Gallagher may have indeed made a mistake in forgetting to shake Tkachuk’s hand, and openly admitting to Tkachuk and the public that he made a mistake does show remorse in this situation, but Senators fans were not so quick to forgive. Social media was littered with outrage regarding Gallagher’s actions from the Ottawa Senators faithful, as Saturday night’s events did nothing but reinforce their hate for Gallagher. His comments on youngster Tim Stützle earlier this month still haven’t been forgotten, which is why the veteran forward was serenaded with boos at the ceremonial puck drop.

The rivalry between these the Montreal Canadiens and the Ottawa Senators will be interesting to follow next season. They sure left hockey fans intrigued for more of these high-intensity, emotion-driven games down the road.

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Joyce Bilodeau

I say good for Brenden!!!!!!

Joyce Bilodeau

Brendan is my hero!!! Way to go Brendan!!!

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