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NHL Trade Talk: Jeff Petry Nearly Moved At Deadline, Likely Summer Move



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Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes confirmed that he had a potential deal in place for Jeff Petry before the NHL Trade Deadline, which fell through.

Hughes took to the airwaves of TSN during the 1st intermission of the Canadiens-Panthers game last night to talk about his activity during the NHL Trade Deadline period. He answered many questions about what did and did not happen before 3 pm on Monday, but the topic that grabbed everyone’s attention was Jeff Petry.

“We had conversations with a group of teams. As you know, when you’re working on a Trade Deadline, most of the teams looking to acquire that kind of player are close to the Cap,” said Hughes in regards to the difficult task of moving Petry’s contract mid-season. “Acquiring a contract for multiple years at that number becomes a challenge; it’s probably more likely an offseason move. We did have conversations, and there was one team in particular that we thought might materialize and make sense for both clubs, but in the end, Jeff’s here.”

Jeff Petry’s $6.25M contract, which has another three years left on it after this season, was a major impediment to moving him at NHL Trade Deadline. Teams will be more likely to absorb his Cap Hit within their salary structure in the summer and work out a hockey deal, but, the biggest takeaway from Hughes’ interview here was the multiple teams interested in Petry.

It shows that he can and will be moved during the summer, and the Canadiens won’t have to go chasing teams to take on his contract. His improved play under new head coach Martin St. Louis and the rarity that is offensive-minded right-shot defensemen will allow Kent Hughes to give Petry the fresh start he needs in the next few months.


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Dylan (The guy with poutine as his profile pic)

I wonder what Hughes could get in return for a defender like him? 🤔

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