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Habs Daily: Fans Endorse Canadiens Rebuild, Offer Sheet Ammo



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Here are the Montreal Canadiens news items, highlights, and stories you may have missed Wednesday.

Montreal Canadiens News

We asked Montreal Canadiens fans to share their opinions on the state of the rebuild in our latest series of polls.  A strong level of support was to be expected, but the clear message from the fans is that they’re overwhelmingly satisfied when it comes to trades, drafting, and developing prospects. It was a clear endorsement of Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton, and the rest of the management team. [Montreal Canadiens Fans Vote – Results For The State Of The Rebuild]

Former Hab Peter Budaj has found a new home in the NHL. He will serve as the Anaheim Ducks NHL goaltending coach. [NHL]

As it stands there’s been no word the Canadiens are interested in signing a restricted free agent to an offer sheet, but it’s worth noting they do have the assets necessary to put some pressure on a few teams if the right opportunity presents itself.

While we turn the corner toward the dog days of summer, it’s worth keeping in mind there are only three months until the next Habs game.

CapFriendly has officially gone the way of the dodo, but there’s already an alternative in place that should serve as a great replacement for salary cap information. [Alternative Salary Cap Website After Cap Friendly Goes Dark]

No one will dispute he’s a great hockey player, but I’m not sure there’s a Hollywood career in Cole Caufield’s future.

National Hockey Now Network

  • The dust has finally settled as the proverbial tumbleweed rolls across what is the NHL in mid-July. Before all the free agency frenzy and the Devils pro-personnel acquisitions, there happened to be the NHL Draft. [New Jersey Devils]
  • Two recent Colorado Avalanche players have gotten official titles in the front office for the organization. Andrew Cogliano and Pavel Francouz, two members of the 2022 Stanley Cup winning team, have moved on to the next chapter of their careers. [Colorado Avalanche]
  • Former Detroit Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk is still trying to wrap his head around the idea that he’s a Hockey Hall of Famer. “I’m still recognizing I’m there, and it’s hard to believe,” Datsyuk said. “Of course, I feel like I’m a lucky boy.” [Detroit Red Wings]
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Okay…no interest in signing a RFA, that is good. But where are we at with Arber and Barron? Are other teams looking to sign them? I’m okay with Barron going, btw.

John Stone

barron is juat beinf wasted. i agree. he should have an opportunity like everyone else. He should be traded .

John Stone

i dont see where fans endorse the rebuild.. so far on every article there has been wannabe gm’s and coachs who think they can run the whole operation by themself. alot of ppl are against the rebuild.. I for one, Am for the rebuild.. these people dont realise the mess Gm MB left us in with his short term team making.. blocking younger talents to being brought up by giving veterans a contract with alot of under the rug clauses… Im glad geoff molson finally realised this and got rid of him.. We have two very smart People in position who are drafting and making deals for the long term of things. and not just filling the cabinets for the upcoming season and then left with aging forwards either on LTIR or Healthy scratched.. Go habs Go .. Go Hughes Go … Go Gorton Go… the future may be a distant thing to some..but ince we arrive at that designated destination… the “fans” who kept on hating this team will eat thier own words

Last edited 8 days ago by John Stone