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The Montreal Canadiens Select Michael Hage 21st Overall



montreal canadiens pick michael hage

The Montreal Canadiens have made their second pick of the 2024 NHL Entry Draft’s first round, selecting USHL forward Michael Hage.

Hage, 18, is coming off an excellent season with the Chicago Steel, where he scored 33 goals and 42 assists in 54 games. His favourite team growing up was the Habs, because his father’s favourite player was none other than legend Maurice Richard.

His father unfortunately passed before the draft, but he would surely be ecstatic to see his son join one of the most famous sports franchises on earth.


Montreal Canadiens Draft Pick Information And Pre-Draft Trades

The Montreal Canadiens owned 10 draft picks heading into the 2024 NHL Draft: 5th Overall, 21st overall (via Los Angeles), 70th overall, 78th overall (via Minnesota), 102nd overall, 130th overall (via San Jose), 134th overall, 166th overall, 210th overall (via Washington) and 224th overall (via Edmonton).

The team used the fifth overall pick to select a very talented forward, Ivan Demidov.

Prior to the draft the team owned 12 picks, but they swung a pre-draft trade with the Los Angeles Kings to improve their draft position. Montreal exchanged the 26th overall pick (via Winnipeg), the 57th overall pick (via Colorado) and the 198th overall pick for the 21st overall pick. Seeing as the Habs already own an impressive prospect pool, as well as plenty of draft capital, it’s the type of trade that fans were hoping to see prior to the draft taking place. Simply put, it’s a matter of quality over quantity for the Canadiens, both for picks and prospects.

If you would like to learn more about the state of the Montreal Canadiens rebuild we invite you to take a look at our ‘State Of The Rebuild‘ series which was published following the conclusion of the 2023-24 season.

Are you happy with the 21st overall pick by the Habs? If so, let us know in the comments below. If not, remember to keep things civil and let us know who you would have preferred they select in the middle of the first round.

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Ahhhhhhhh! We were ONE pick away from being able to grab Eiserman! For weeks I have been saying I would absolutely thrilled if somehow could walk away tonight with any two of Demidov, Lindstrom, Parekh or Eiserman. We were SOOOOOOOO CLOSE!!!! 😡


I know!!! He was ranked 2 this time last year. I’m thrilled with Demidov and I thought Hage was a great target with the Jets pick.


I disliked Lou Lamoriello already for his dinosaur rule about not letting guys have beards. It’s ridiculous to mandate anything like that in this day and age. Now? I freakin’ HATE the guy! 😂


Yeah but Hage is a GREAT pick there. It helps with C depth, he has top 6 potential so MAYBE a bit less pressure for Dach to stay healthy. Hard to tell given his bumpier season, but I saw many rank him in the mid teens and say he potentially had top ten talent if not for a bit of a challenging season… not to mention he grew up a has fan? That’s crazy

I was hoping for Eiserman too, but with that habs fan connection and maybe extra motivation, this could be a gem.

Great first rd!




yep…when they moved up I was “sure” they would get boisvert. Then he went early and eiserman kept falling… I think Hage is the character type player the habs love. His talent might top out at 3rd line but hey… you never know…most exciting/unpredictable 1st round in years..


I don’t believe Hughes for a second when he said to Friedman that Hage was the guy they were targeting by moving up from 26 to 21. But what’s he going to say? “We wanted Eiserman, but failed so we took this kid instead.”

I agree, the first round was highly entertaining. I can’t wait to watch the behind-the-scenes documentary in the fall and see how they spin the war room stuff in their favour. Some careful editing to make it look like they were never looking at Eiserman. They’ll show the Demidov talks for sure, and they’ll show a discussion about Hage, and they’ll probably show the trade talks, but it’ll be edited without Eiserman being that target they’re talking about.


I don’t think they expected Eiserman to drop as far as he did.


The fact that he did makes me believe that they thought he would.


Here are the final scouting rankings on Eiserman which is why the Habs never targeted Cole at 21 – his worst ranking was 15. Absolutely no reason to believe the youngest kid and best scorer would still be available

2024 round 1 #20 overall by New York Islanders
NHL Draft
Top Prospect eligible for the 2024 NHL Entry Draft
Ranked #14 by TSN/BOB McKENZIE
Ranked #11 by THN/FERRARI
Ranked #13 by THN/KENNEDY
Ranked #15 by MCKEEN’S HOCKEY
Ranked #11 by FCHOCKEY
Ranked #10 by DAILY FACEOFF
Ranked #12 by NHL CENTRAL SCOUTING (NA Skaters)
Ranked #13 by HPR/MALLOY
Ranked #12 by SMAHT SCOUTING


And yet he fell all the way to #20, so it shows that all these lists don’t match with the real teams’ lists. I still feel like the Habs were potentially hoping he’d be there. If he had made it to #21, I can’t fathom they wouldn’t have taken him over Hage.


You wouldn’t trade up to 3 with the intent of getting celebrini nor to 21 to get a guy with the lowest rank of 15. It was a major surprise he was still available at 20. I was yelling at the tv for Hughes to trade diwn to get him after Washington, who needs scoring in the worst way and know what one Deminsional scoring players are about, passed on him. All in vain…

Here’s what I wonder, if Hughes hadn’t moved before the draft, would he have been able to make a deal on the floor to move down to get eiserman with the pieces he moved to LA? We will never know, but we do know it would have been easy to get him after 15 if Hughes really wanted to It didn’t seem like he did. I think we will regret the missed opportunity down the road. But we got Demidov, we did well!! And Hage will provide value to the organization.


By “trade down” I’m assuming you mean to a lower number, otherwise I don’t follow. Usually that’s referred to as trading “up” as in a better draft position. Having said that, I felt the same way. I was begging every time somebody came to the podium for them to pass on Eiserman. It’s a shame we didn’t take #21 plus any of our spare D to move up a few more spots. We’d clear out some of the logjam and have added another phenomenal piece to our puzzle. So frustrating!


Yes, my bad , up to a better draft position. And yes, visions of eiserman, Dach and Demidov will haunt you and I and not nhl goalies.


Eiserman has serious character flaws and I’m pretty sure he’d be a Hab if they wanted him. Personally, I’m glad we don’t have him.


He’s the youngest guy in the draft and the best goal scorer. I’m completely confident that maturity, St. Louis, the development team, and team culture would resolve any issues, IF there were any to deal with in the first place.