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Habs Daily: Canadiens To Meet Demidov, Predicting The Top 5



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Here are the Montreal Canadiens news items, highlights, and stories you may have missed on Wednesday.

Montreal Canadiens News

The Montreal Canadiens will meet with top prospect Ivan Demidov ahead of the 2024 NHL Entry Draft. This will not be the first time the parties have spoken, as the team has been in contact with the talented forward throughout the year.  Even though Demidov is considered the second-most talented player available this year, the same narratives we heard last season about Matvei Michkov have come to the surface. It’s worth noting that despite many suggesting Michkov would not come to North America, he is expected to sign an entry-level contract with the Philadelphia Flyers in the coming days. Before anyone gets too excited, Demidov also met with the Chicago Blackhawks and the Anaheim Ducks recently. [Pre-Draft Nerves Improve Odds Demidov Available To Canadiens]

It’s difficult to get a good read on how the first round will unfold, but we do have a good idea of how some teams are expected to draft in the top five. The Blackhawks have shown great interest in Artyom Levshunov, while the Anaheim Ducks may consider a player like forward Beckett Sennecke instead of defenceman Anton Silayev.  [Canadiens Draft Talk: Analyzing Intentions For NHL Teams In Top 5]

A submission for the ‘It’s not going to happen, but it would be fun if it did,’ category as, the Canadiens have been given 33/1 odds of landing potential free agent Leon Draisaitl next summer. [Leon Draisaitl Next Team Odds]

The NHL has put four rules changes into effect, including the option for head coaches to challenge a puck-over-the-glass penalty. With all due respect, slowing down the game to penalize a player for slowing down the game, and then allowing a coach to slow it down further seems like a shortsighted concept when it comes to selling and growing the fastest sport on earth.

National Hockey Now Network

  • Hockey at the NHL level is chock-full of traditions, unwritten codes, and protocols. This is especially true in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Playoff beards, the handshake line, and playing injured are all part of hockey’s rich culture. One of the best “feel-good” traditions is the protocol for passing the Cup around once commissioner Gary Bettman presents it. The team captain takes the obligatory skate around the ice to display the prize to the fans. Then, the unwritten script begins. [Florida Panthers]
  • The Nashville Predators are reportedly interested in Steven Stamkos in the event the 34-year-old centre reaches free agency come July 1. [Nashville Predators]
  • Like most teams in the NHL, the New Jersey Devils are investigating a trade for Carolina Hurricanes forward, Martin Necas. [New Jersey Devils]
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