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Habs Daily: Canadiens Salary Cap, Mock Draft, Lane Hutson



Montreal Canadiens

Here are the Montreal Canadiens news items, highlights, and stories from the past weekend.

Montreal Canadiens News

  • ICYMI: In the latest Montreal Canadiens Mailbag, we focus on 2024 NHL Entry Draft questions, including the ideal target for the Habs, as well as the possibility they may move up or down in the first round. We also touch upon Lane Hutson’s potential, as well as free agency, and prospect analysis. [Habs Mailbag: 5th Overall Prospect Target, Hutson’s Future, Trades]
  • The NHL announced next year’s salary cap will be set at $88 million, a significant increase that will surely benefit the Habs, as they have plenty of financial manoeuvrability heading into the summer, giving general manager Kent Hughes a bevy of options in trade negotiations and free agency. [2024-25 Canadiens Salary Cap Situation: Summer Of Opportunity]
  • We wrapped up our 2024 MHN Top 16 Mock Draft, making picks for teams No.13 to N0.16.  [2024 NHL Mock Draft – Final Picks, Top 16 Draft Selections]
  • Top salary cap resource Cap Friendly won’t be around much longer. The website has been bought by the Washington Capitals, who are expected to shut down all public access in the near future. Fortunately, there’s already an alternative available.  [Alternative Salary Cap Website After Cap Friendly Goes Dark]
  • It was Formula 1 weekend in Montreal, which always leads to Canadiens-related events, including the gala attended by Arber Xhekaj, Rafael Harvey-Pinard, and their better halves.

National Hockey Now Network

  • There are plenty of stories out there about the strange questions NHL Draft prospects get asked at the combine.“What do you want said about you at your funeral?”

    “What animal do you compare yourself to as a hockey player?”

    Bizarre questions that don’t have much to do with hockey, but teams try to do anything to get inside the mind of these young players.[Colorado Avalanche]

  • Evan Rodrigues had played for three teams in eight seasons before landing with the Florida Panthers. For the first time in his career, he is playing for the Stanley Cup. After getting a taste of the playoffs with Pittsburgh and Colorado, the 33-year-old could not wait to go on a deep run with the Panthers. Rodrigues played in his first Stanley Cup Final game on Saturday night and had a night he and the Panthers will certainly remember. [Florida Panthers]
  • The Chicago Blackhawks have two first-round picks, one at #2 and the other at #18. While it’s going to likely be the pick of either Artyom Levshunov or Ivan Demidov at number two, who could they take at that 18th spot or potentially trade up a few more spots to snag? Chicago Hockey Now’s Future Blackhawks Prospect will be featuring a handful of prospects at that spot until the 2024 NHL Draft. [Chicago Blackhawks]
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SJS Employee sells WSH Owner Hockey Tool to give WSH an edge over his team should be a headline somewhere , but its not for some reason. I dont get how SJS didnt block this or just fire Zrim