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Canadiens Prospect Owen Beck Shines As Memorial Cup MVP



Montreal canadiens propsect Owen Beck

Montreal Canadiens prospect Owen Beck had one final opportunity to make his mark on the Canadian Hockey League on Sunday evening, as the Saginaw Spirit faced the London Knights for the right to hoist the 104th Memorial Cup trophy.

It was the 12th time Beck and the Spirit faced the Knights this season, but if you ask the athletes in question they would tell you it was the only game that truly mattered.

With everything on the line and the spotlight on the two best teams in Junior hockey, it was Beck who rose to the challenge in the final CHL game of his career.

First Period Push By Owen Beck

Beck quickly set the tone for the game by scoring the opening goal for the Spirit, a timely marker that showed off his quick release and high-end anticipation.

He followed it up with the hit of the tournament when he stole Toronto Maple Leafs prospect Easton Cowan’s soul. Cowan was sent flying across the ice with a thunderous (and legal) body check.

Beck has built up a nasty streak in his game during the last two seasons in the OHL, something that should serve him well as he prepares to begin his professional hockey career in earnest.

Beck wasn’t done there.

He put a fine point on his fantastic start to the game by scoring Saginaw’s second goal of the game with less than a minute remaining in the first period. The goal was Beck’s fourth of the tournament, but more importantly, it rewarded Saginaw for one of the most dominant efforts you could possibly imagine against a team as talented as the Knights.

The Knights would go on to tie the game late in the third period, setting up yet another classic Memorial Cup final. Despite Saginaw’s overall dominance, London’s lineup was simply too talented to stay quiet for three straight periods.

With London carrying the momentum, the Spirit made one final push, which led to a dramatic tournament-winning goal with just 21 seconds left to play in the third period by Spirit veteran Josh Bloom.

With yet another great Memorial Cup final in the books, Beck officially finishes his CHL career as a Memorial Cup Champion, a fitting end for a player who gave his all every single night.

The cherry on the Disney-like night came shortly thereafter when Beck was rightfully named the Memorial Cup’s Most Valuable Player.

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Great coverage. And Beck’s 1st period was outstanding. I am trying to follow from Dublin, Ireland. Was he solid in 2nd and 3rd?

Nice way for him to finish junior career. Look forward to him in Laval/ Montreal next season.

Randy Lavoy

Outstanding effort by BECK.!! He set the tone early and often ..!! 2 Goals and won 19 of his 24 faceoffs .!! Congratulations ..!!Job WELL DONE !!


Excellent performance by Beck. He’s played a lot of big games in the past year or two which has helped season him and make him ready for the next level. 39 playoff games plus 2 wjhc games has elevated his profile and his nhl readiness. I can see him pushing for a 3C or 4C role next season although a Laval tenure of a year or less seems imminent. Eventually, a role in the middle between Newhook and Roy on the third line plus a significant contributor to the pk and as a faceoff specialist will provide the team with so many valuable elements. Speed, grit, composure and a solid defensive foundation where he stays above the puck and helps out significantly in his own zone will make him a valuable player. Plus Hughes likes taking guys that can rise to the moment.

The other big win last night was Sam Dickinsons game. Kid showed off an electric skill set, particularly in the third period and he was the best offensive catalyst for London. That may put him in the top 4 draft picks which, if it happens, provide Hughes with a better draft selection than if he is still available at 5.

If Beck makes the team, who does he displace? Evans or Dvorak or?


He has elite 3rd line Center written all over him. If they can move Dvorak maybe as early as next year but a year in the A wouldn’t hurt. I hope he doesn’t get moved in a deal.


That seems to be the consensus, but maybe 3rd line center is underestimating what he can do (even if its is “elite 3rd line center”). I think Beck could develop to the point where he could be a 2nd line center. That scenario should be considered as it is impossible to know what will happen with Dach, and the fact that the Habs might not draft an elite center (such as Lindstrom) in the draft.


I’m convinced that all 3 of the guys I inserted on my 3 line of the future, Roy and Newhook with OB could all project as second line forwards on a good team in their primes. That’s the organizational strength required to be very competitive. I think we have similar depth on the backend as well so I’m eager for the draft to see who they pick as a future top 6 forward.


Everyone loves a winner, baby!