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Montreal Canadiens Lose The Rights To Three Prospects



Montreal Canadiens prospect Cedrick Guindon

Saturday was the final opportunity for the Montreal Canadiens to sign certain prospects to an entry-level contract.

Kent Hughes got an early start by offering Jared Davidson a two-year, entry-level contract on Friday. The 21-year-old forward had a quiet start to his professional hockey career, having been used sparingly by the Laval Rocket in the first half of the season.

But as injuries mounted opportunities arose, leading to 11 goals and five assists in 38 games.

The stalwart forward is expected to play a more prominent role in Laval’s game plan going forward, owing to his strong work ethic and underrated skill set.

And Then There Were Three

The Canadiens opted not to offer the three remaining prospects a contract.

This means Petteri Nurmi (194th overall, 2022), Miguel Tourigny (216th overall, 2022), and Cedrick Guindon (127th overall, 2022) are no longer considered property of the organization, as the Canadiens have relinquished their rights.

Guindon was worthy of consideration for a contract, as evidenced by his 78 goals and 107 assists in 204 games for the Owen Sound Attack in the Ontario Hockey League.

He’s a cerebral forward who works hard, plays in most situations, and makes a positive impact on the lineup on any given night.

But despite strong starts to each campaign, Guindon would tend to fade down the stretch, showing significant issues with maintaining a consistent level of production.

At this point in the rebuild, the Canadiens need impact players, representing a shift from quantity to quality when discussing the priorities for the team’s prospect pool, which ranks among the best in the NHL.

Montreal has depth at every position, which will lead to further difficult choices in the future, especially since the team is currently in possession of an impressive richness in draft capital.

Such is life for a team with many draft picks, a long list of prospects, and limited contract slots.

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Bummer. I had the good fortune to chat for a bit with Guindon after we selected him and got some photos together too. He seemed like a nice kid. I kinda get it though. We’re overflowing with prospects and can’t keep them all. It reinforces what I’ve been saying since day 1 of the rebuild. Quality over quantity. We need top end players and when we trade away our valuable vets, we need to get quality in return, not a decent player, and more picks. Anything after the 2nd round is pretty much a crapshoot anyway. Rather than losing more guys for nothing, we need to be packaging them up together to swap our quantity for someone else’s quality.

Alex Barrette

I get that we need more quality but i feel like the more we throw darts the more chance we got to hit a gem.


If we were starting from scratch with nothing, then I’d possibly agree. But since we’re bursting at the seams to the point that we’re letting guys go for nothing, it doesn’t make sense to me to keep stockpiling. Think of the Chiarot trade. We traded a very valuable, highly sought after asset and we ended up with a 1st rounder that initially looked like it could be a top 10 pick that ended up being #31, Ty Smilanic that probably will never play for us, and Guindon who we just let walk. Quantity that amounted to almost nothing. The 1st was traded as part of the package to get Newhook, so it wasn’t a total loss. At the time, I was hoping we’d get Knight for Chiarot so we’d secure a blue chip goalie for the future. Knight has since battled OCD, and taken a step back perhaps, but I still wish he was in our pipeline.

William O'Neill

Smilanic had some extenuating circumstances. Only so many contracts to hand out


All the more reason to acquire quality over quantity, which is exactly what I said at the beginning. At this stage of the rebuild with a finite number of roster spots to fill and a finite number of contracts with which to do that, anyone we add that isn’t a top end, core piece is counterproductive.

Pierre B.

Throwing darts in Russia’s direction with later picks would be wise as there’s no time limit after which the team loses control over the prospects. For most other European countries, it’s 4 years, which is also pretty good compared to CHL prospects.

Jack Keeling

Quindon, like a lot of his team mates on the Owen Sound Attack, seem to put forth no effort to get bigger and stronger. Lost too many puck battles, due to being physically overmatched. Perhaps he will figure out, off ice training will help on ice performance.


Does guindon go back in draft or hopefully sign an ahl contract with laval/3riv

Jack Keeling

He is a free agent, eligible for upcoming draft


Hmmm if he is a free agent he can sign anywhere… Why go back in draft?