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Habs Fans Vote – Available Prospects At The 2024 NHL Entry Draft



Montreal Canadiens draft lottery

Habs fans never shy away from sharing their opinions on the Montreal Canadiens organization.

Seeing as the team has a passionate fanbase that stretches to every corner of the globe, it is virtually impossible to come to a unanimous consensus, but with the help of polls, we can establish what the majority of Habs fans expect or hope to see going forward.

With that in mind, we have recently introduced a new feature on Montreal Hockey Now: Habs fan polls.

Every few days we will run a series of polls which will allow fans to express their desires, give their input, and consequently, discuss the results with fellow Canadiens faithful.

The first player to be recognized for his work in the lineup was none other than Jake Evans, who was voted the team’s most underrated player.

Past Poll Results: Montreal Canadiens – Most Underrated Players

Montreal Canadiens At The 2024 NHL Entry Draft

Our next poll will focus on the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, which takes place on June 28 and 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Macklin Celebrini has been tapped as the top prospect in the draft, which means there’s essentially no chance he’ll drop to the Habs at fifth overall. But even if Kent Hughes and Co. won’t put their hands on Celebrini, plenty of interesting draft targets are still available, including several high-end forwards.

Of course, even if the Canadiens have declared they’re intent on drafting a forward, the best player available may end up being a defenceman, which could lead to a change in philosophy if the players who drop are simply too talented to ignore.

To cast your vote all you have to do is scroll down to the form below and enter the player you wish the Montreal Canadiens would pick with the fifth overall selection at the draft.

The poll will run for roughly 72 before closing.

If the form is not displayed properly on your device, you can access it directly by clicking here.

Canadiens Draft Ranking Form

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Lindstrom or Iginla… scoring, grit, defensively responsible/200 ft game.

Last edited 18 days ago by Demz
William O'Neill

Thanks Marc. Very interested in the results

John Spearing

Demidov or Lindstrom… whichever one is available after 2 D go top 4 😉


Iginla 5th? Madness


Trade down to get iginla? Risk of getting burned though. Not sure who the best forward is after Lindstrom is off the board, lots of dmen