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Habs Fans Vote: Canadiens Awards – Most Underrated Player



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Habs fans never shy away from sharing their opinions on the Montreal Canadiens or the 20 players who take to the ice on any given game night.

Seeing as the team has a gigantic fanbase that stretches to every corner of the globe, it is virtually impossible to come to a unanimous consensus, but with the help of polls, we can establish what the majority of Habs fans expect or hope to see going forward.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce a new feature on Montreal Hockey Now: Habs fan polls.

Every few days we will run a series of polls which will allow fans to express their desires, give their input, and consequently, discuss the results with fellow Canadiens faithful.

Montreal Canadiens Most Underrated Player

The first poll we will run will center on the team’s most underrated player.

Pick one player in the form below which you think deserves more attention due to his excellent play during the 2023-24 season.

Essentially, pick the player who is most undervalued in the lineup. The poll will run for roughly 24 hours before closing.

If the form is not displayed properly on your device, you can access it directly by clicking here.

Canadiens Ranking Form

The polls are limited to Canadiens players who participated in at least 20 games this season, which means Colin White, Logan Mailloux, Lane Hutson, Kirby Dach, Lucas Condotta, Emil Heineman, Brandon Gignac, and Gustav Lindstrom will not be considered.

Players who were traded during the season, such as Sean Monahan, will also be exempt from the process.

Once we collect the answers, we will publish a new article with the results, as well as another poll related to the Montreal Canadiens.

If you happen to have a suggestion as to a poll question we should run in the future, do not hesitate to mention it in the replies below the article.

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Why do these posts contain so much spam? Isn’t this supposed to be about Habs & Hockey?


I’ll support it since access is otherwise free for what seems to be quality reporting. I pay for the ATHLETIC I can certainly support a local source of news as well. If we don’t who will?


How about, “What player in our organization do you think would be the most coveted by other teams in the NHL?” as a future question? There’s an obvious choice, but once you think about it, there’s about 4 or 5 other names that would also be highly sought after.


You’re the boss. Whatever you choose is good for me. I’ll enjoy reading it any way you write it up, I’m sure.




Btw, that delete everything written page refresh thing is still happening. It took me 6 tries to respond to someone I was having a conversation with in the past couple of days. Now there’s a question to pose to the readers. “Have you ever experienced losing everything you are writing in the reply box when the website refreshes arbitrarily, and then had to start rewriting your comment all over again?” If I don’t write fast enough, it’ll happen every time I write a comment here. It happens periodically at The Hockey Writers site too, however if you click back in the box you were writing in, everything you wrote comes back and you haven’t lost anything. It’s annoying, but it’s way better than losing everything like it does here. Maybe have a chat with their web guys to find out what they use over there.

PS I did respond to your question a long time ago about you contacting me through my email for the details about my phone and OS, but I never got a response back.




I have this issue all the time here. I’ve pointed it out and got downvoted lol. I generally just give up after a while. Sometimes I’ll write in “Notes” if I’m on my phone, then paste it in, or periodically copy everything I’m writing. But just kind of annoying. It’s my favourite habs site so I’d like to engage more, but a bit frustrating this happens. And it on all devices and internet connections too.

Looks like they’re looking into it though so hope it helps!


Sorry to hear that you have to experience the same frustration, but glad to hear it’s not just an issue for me only. I do the copy periodically thing too. Learned that eventually after a few too many moments where I felt like smashing my phone on the ground. 😂 Unfortunately, I still get caught when a family member stops me writing to ask me a question and by the time I look back, my work is gone.

Saint Datsyukian

And this is why I’ve left EOTP. They don’t value all those users they have.


I would put Mailloux at the top of the list. Would I trade him, absolutely not. The package coming back would have to be irresistible. Size , speed , hands, and high IQ, nobody trades that. We simply do not have another replacement for him in the pipeline. He will be a pillar on our blue line for years to come.

Last edited 22 days ago by Ditto

An interesting choice. I know the most likely and “correct” answer is Suzuki, but when I thought about it a little bit, Xhekaj came to mind for me. Lots of teams have a 1C or 2C that are as good or better than Suzuki. Make no mistake, he’s our MVP. But, a player that is very unique and not found on many teams is Xhekaj, so for that reason (and the fact that he’s significantly cheaper in cost on the cap and to acquire with assets) I felt that we might actually get more teams trying to get him than would try to get Suzuki. That’s also the reason that Arber was my vote for the most underrated player on the team.


You are missing Cole Caufield,s name in your poll. He played more than 20 games.

Saint Datsyukian

It won’t be long before this completely takes over eyes on the prize.

Bravo Marc et al.

You now have the best habs site on the internet.

Saint Datsyukian

My vote goes to Alex Newhook.

I hope they keep him with Gallagher and Armia to start the year next year.

Andrew D

I went with Kovacevic. He had a great season on a bargain of a contract. Was one of the most reliable and durable guys on the back end

Saint Datsyukian

He could be in my top 5.

Honestly, I took Newhook because I think next year he’ll be one of the best 3c in the league playing with Armia, but I think Jordan Harris is the right choice.

Hondacivic would be in my top 5.