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New 3-on-3 Pro Hockey League Coming To North America



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Some interesting news broke late Thursday night, as Steve Dangle (SDPN) reported a new professional hockey league is coming to North America.

According to Dangle, a brand new 3-on-3 hockey league will launch as soon as 2024, including a team in Quebec.

The new league will be called the MLH (Major League Hockey) and will feature 24 minutes of 3-on-3 hockey per game, not to mention a surprising $30 million salary cap per team. There are 16 teams involved, which means the league would carry almost half a billion dollars in salary upon its launch. If teams spend up to the salary cap it would lead to players making an average of nearly $2.1 million per season.

The league will supposedly fill its ranks by looking to players currently working in other professional leagues around North America, Europe, and Russia. They will also add Major Junior and USports players from Canada, NCAA players from the United States, and women who are “qualified” to play.

Dangle adds other tidbits of information, including a $100,000 win bonus for every game.

Some doubts regarding the veracity of this proposal were put to bed when super agent Allan Walsh commented on the situation, stating “This is going to surprise a lot of people with its popularity and ability to generate revenue. I’m hearing this venture has significant backing.”

We have to keep in mind a new league brandishing ridiculous sums of money works to the advantage of Walsh, who has a laundry list of hockey talent in his Rolodex.

Brass Tacks

A mysterious new sports league showing up out of nowhere with strong financial backing points to a venture similar to LIV Golf, which emerged as a competitor to the PGA in 2021.

On the surface, this sounds like a wild proposal. Not only are we discussing a major investment in the sport, but the idea that a league can get up and running by the time autumn rolls around is rather far-fetched.

As for available talent, the NHL is already watered down with 32 franchises, and they have their eyes set on expanding the league further in the next few years.

On that note, a well-marketed 3-on-3 team could perhaps do well in a city like Quebec City, which already has the infrastructure in place, not to mention a rabid fanbase that devours all things hockey.

As for a team in Montreal, given that the Canadiens, Rocket, and the PWHL Montreal Chapter already operate in the area, it’s difficult to envision a new league diving into an already saturated market.

Time will tell whether there is any real momentum behind the project, but at the very least, there seems to be interest in building a league that would form some semblance of competition to the NHL.

New League Update

The concept of a 3-on-3 league starting shortly turned out to be a little too good to be true. On Friday, Dangle deleted his original post suggesting a new league was imminent.

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This seems like a very risky business plan. If they do not get enough fans they will be unable to pay the players and then they will go bankrupt very quickly much like some pro football leagues.


I hear there’s an opening in Arizona for a team…🙄