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Montreal Canadiens

2024 NHL Draft Lottery Unveils Canadiens Draft Pick Position



Montreal Canadiens draft lottery

Now that the NHL’s Draft Lottery has begun, the Montreal Canadiens can start to make preparations ahead of the actual NHL Entry Draft. The team is poised to take the next step in their rebuild, which means the upcoming draft may be the last time they have an opportunity to add top talent to the prospect pool.

The Canadiens will pick fifth overall in 2024.

Montreal Canadiens draft lottery 2024

Montreal held the fifth-best odds heading into the lottery, however, given that 10 teams could potentially move up after the lottery results, their position in the draft was far from a guarantee.

The complete NHL Draft Lottery odds for the Habs were as follows.

First Overall: 8.5 per cent

Second Overall: 8.6 per cent

Third Overall: 0.3 per cent

Fourth Overall: N/A

Fifth Overall: 24.5 per cent

Sixth Overall: 44 per cent

Seventh Overall: 14.2 per cent


Interesting Talent Available In 2024

The 2024 NHL Entry Draft is projected to be a talented crop of players, with several high-end defencemen among the list of skilled forwards available.

Bob McKenzie recently released his annual draft list, giving Habs fans some insight as to the type of players that should be available once the Habs take to the podium.

Seeing as the Canadiens focused on drafting and acquiring defencemen in recent years, there’s a high likelihood they will end up picking a forward, but we can never discount the idea of picking a defenceman if he happens to be the best player available.

Macklin Celebrini heads the list of available talent, but forwards such as Berkly Catton and Cayden Lindstrom are probably more realistic targets for the Canadiens.

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As it stands, the Habs own 12 picks in the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, between June 28 and 29.

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I wonder if the Habs will try to move up in the draft for the winnipeg pick a “D” man or 2 and their 2 nd 1st rd pick next year. Let’s say they pick Lindstrom 1st and they also want Iggy. ALA Brian Burke


Kinda funny watching how blatant they’ve been that Celebrini is going first overall, and that Macklin is playing along. We all know that is the case, but even Bedard last year kept saying “IF” I get drafted first overall. Crosby, McDavid, etc did the same.

Montreal Trip

Regardless of the specific draft position, the Canadiens have a rich history of drafting and developing top-tier talent. From legends like Guy Lafleur to modern-day stars like Carey Price, the Canadiens have a tradition of nurturing exceptional players who leave an indelible mark on the franchise. With the draft pick secured, the focus now shifts to scouting and selecting the best possible prospect to bolster the team’s roster for the future. Whether it’s a dynamic forward, a steady defenseman, or a standout goaltender, every draft pick represents an opportunity to add depth and skill to the team.

George Ronald Wells

The NHL is the only major sports organization that conducts their draft lottery sequencing in secret. Probably on the up-and-up but certainly not a good look. Opens the door for doubt and conspiracy theories. Was watching Daly turn cards over supposed to be exciting?

Dino A

The Habs will get get an excellent Forward Prospect, with the 5th Pick. I am hoping that Hughes is able to parlay the other First Round Pick from Winnipeg and one of our deep pool of Defenseman, to generate a trade for a proven NHL Scorer who can step right into our
Second Line. The potential for this move is their and I think the appetite for it from management is also there. Looking forward to Draft Day!


Ok, here are the likely scenarios…

There will be no trades by any team (including Habs) to move up into the top 5. Assuming that’s the case, I still think Lindstrom will be gone by the time the Habs pick at #5. If I’m wrong and two Dmen are taken in the top 4, then Lindstrom is taken by the Habs at #5 – and simplicity rules.

However, assuming Lindstrom is indeed gone by #5, then it gets interesting. I’m not sure the Habs want to “reach a bit” to get either Catton or Iginla at #5, when its likely one of them will still be available in the 8-10 range. After a top 6 winger, a top 6 Right Dman is likely the second greatest need on this team. Enter RD Zayne Parekh. He’s rated slightly higher than both Catton and Iginla, so taking him at #5 is not a reach. And recall that Mailloux was not Hughes pick. So if the Habs are convinced that Zayne has a better shot than Mailloux to be a true top 6 RDman, they will take him at #5.

Then we move onto obtaining a top 6 winger to play alongside Newhook and Dach. With Zayne now on board, that makes RD Mailloux expendable (no, Tyrone, not Reinbacher!) So any trade to obtain another Newhook or Dach type forward would involve Mailloux and their other 1st rd pick from Winny (between 24-27). Or, with their other 1st rd pick from Winny, they package that with Mailloux and perhaps another mid level prospect (like Engstrom) and maybe even an additional 2nd or 3rd rd pick, to get back into the first round at about 8-10, to get either Catton or Iginla.

If they get both Zayne and either Catton or Iginla out of this draft, then that is a haul.

I really see no other options or trades for the Habs. Its actually pretty simple for them at this year’s draft.

Last edited 21 days ago by morrisk

Good analysis, with such a group of promising players in the 8-14 group, I really hope KH can pull off a big one to acqire a pick in that range.

One thing though, there is little doubt in my mind that Parekh will develop into a more impactful player overall than Mailloux, he’s has the highest offensive potential of all D’s, more then Lev. It’s always a crapshoot, but I’d put money on that. Parekh’s ceiling is an Erik Karlsson light. Like you, I’m a Zayne fan. Improving a teams offemne overall can also come from a PPG Defenseman, who plays with your top 6 all the time, not just from a forward.

#99 doesn’t hit numbers as high as he did without Paul Coffey doing his magic on nearly every one of Gretzky’s shifts.

Same with Parekh and Hutson on 2 lines, with 4 solids. Pushes your top 6 to another level.