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Canadiens Facts: Suzuki’s Dedication To Hockey Beyond Reproach



Montreal Canadiens Nick Suzuki

Montreal Canadiens fans are well aware of the commitment level Nick Suzuki has maintained during his time with the team.

Unfortunately, there’s a certain level of ignorance as to his dedication to the sport, at least when discussing the criticism Suzuki has endured for declining Team Canada’s invite to the 2024 World Championship in Czechia.

No other player seems to have garnered any criticism, and we should note that Suzuki took his rare time off to get engaged, but it’s still important to bring up several facts that likely influenced his decision.

Before we get into the fun facts, we’d like to extend our congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Building a life outside the NHL can be complicated, but they should know they have the support of the vast majority of Canadiens fans.

Nick Suzuki Fun Facts

Fun Fact No.1: Suzuki has yet to miss a game during his NHL career, including the two seasons in which the Canadiens set NHL records for the most man-games lost.

Fun Fact No.2: Suzuki participated in the All-Star weekend during the last three seasons, robbing him of an opportunity to mend his injuries and enjoy a break during the regular season, like all his teammates.

Fun Fact No.3: Since 2021-22, Suzuki has been given over 3660 minutes of ice time at 5v5, which is fourth overall in the NHL among forwards. Only Mikko Rantanen, Connor McDavid, and Leon Draisaitl have been on the ice longer than the 24-year-old centre.

Fun Fact No.4: Suzuki is also the fourth busiest forward in the NHL in all situations since 2021-22, ahead of such players as Anze Kopitar, Nathan MacKinnon, Auston Matthews, and Sidney Crosby.

Fun Fact No.5: Suzuki owns one of the longest Ironman streaks in the NHL, with 373 straight games played. Only Brent Burns (843) and Ryan Sutter (543) have participated in more consecutive games. This means Suzuki is the current active NHL Ironman leader among forwards.

Fun Fact No.6: Suzuki has represented Canada on several occasions, including the U-20, U-18, and U-17 tournaments.

Fun Fact. No.7: Suzuki is the youngest player in franchise history to be named the captain of the Montreal Canadiens.

Fun Fact No.8: Suzuki has endured his fair share of knocks, like most NHL players, despite not missing any games. He mentioned minor injuries throughout the year.

Fun Fact No.9: He won three consecutive William Hanley Trophies in the OHL, given to the most sportsmanlike player in the league.

Fun Fact No.10: With 204 all-situation points since 2021-22, Suzuki has actively participated in over 30 percent of the scoring plays by the Habs. The next closest player in the lineup is Cole Caufield, who participated in a little over 20 percent of the scoring plays.


Nick Suzuki Brass Tacks

Few players around the league are more important to their respective NHL teams. With that in mind, it’s perfectly normal that Suzuki’s priority heading into next season will center on his many roles with the Habs.  To do so, he must report to camp in the best shape possible, which adds to the importance of adding a little rest and relaxation to the schedule during his off time.

It’s also worth noting that players are well within their rights to enjoy time off, as it should have a positive impact on their mental health.

Simply put, we’ve become a little too comfortable dictating how others should act in this era of ridiculous criticism via social media.

But when we take a step back and look at the complete picture, it’s quite clear Suzuki’s commitment to the Montreal Canadiens is beyond reproach.

And given how important he is to the franchise, that’s exactly where his focus needs to be.

Besides, once the decisions linked to building the 2026 Team Canada Olympic roster come into play, the 2024 World Championship will long be forgotten.

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Cam Weitzman

Great article!



John Smith


John Smith

Well said Marc!


Excellent article. Agree 100%



The NHL season is too long and while we all want our distractions these guys are human. The championships are not a priority. If it means team canada takes someone over him for the Olympics or other tournaments…so be it. I like that his priority is the Habs.


There’s no question about his commitment to hockey. He wants to play for Canada then he should play for Canada when the opportunity is there.. He’s not injured. He wants to play in the 4 nations and Olympics