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Canadiens Injuries

Montreal Canadiens Recall Top Forward Prospect From AHL



Montreal Canadiens Joshuia Roy

The Montreal Canadiens have recalled forward Joshua Roy from the American Hockey League.

This will be Roy’s second stint with the Canadiens following his successful six-game audition in mid-January. Roy scored his first career NHL goal and produced very encouraging underlying numbers despite his lack of experience.

“Joshua Roy has been recalled by the Canadiens,” wrote Anthony Marcotte. “They just removed him from the lineup at the last minute in Toronto.”

Roy, 20, has scored 13 goals and 19 assists in 40 games for the Rocket, serving as one of their main sources of offence on a team that is trying to find its identity due to the influx of rookie players this season. Since returning to the AHL after his first NHL audition, Roy has only scored one goal and an assist in six games, but given that he may have had Montreal on his mind, we can forgive the slight downtick in production. He did, however, put eight shots on net in his last two games, indicating that he’s still an offensive threat on most nights.

Roy was just about to face the Marlies in Toronto, but he was pulled from the lineup at the last minute. Roy’s recall also coincides with an injury to winger Rafael Harvey-Pinard.

Harvey-Pinard suffered another lower-body injury after missing a long stretch of games earlier in the season with a similar issue. It seemed that his knee took the brunt of the impact, not to mention he could not put any pressure on his leg as he left the ice.

We will have to wait for updates before coming to any conclusion, but it did seem like it was a very serious injury to the 25-year-old forward, which would be yet another setback for a player who is yet to find his rhythm this season.

Harvey-Pinard has played relatively well from an underlying numbers standpoint, but he has only managed to score one goal and six assists in 24 games for the Montreal Canadiens.

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Looks like “Lavallagher’s” luck is following the career of his namesake. Definitely a shame. It certainly emphasizes that we can’t have a team built with smaller players, regardless of how scrappy they may be, as durability has to be a major factor in our future roster construction plans.


Firstly, I hope RHP is okay. That’s obviously most important. He’s a good player, he showed he has some good potential last year. I hope this isn’t serious and he can come back and find his form.
Secondly, idk if calling up Roy is great, but I also don’t know what other option there is. I think a waiver claim needs to happen soon. Not that there’s anything wrong with Roy, but I don’t want to bring up Anderson or some other player who can be lost on waivers when sent back down. And I don’t know if I want Roy here as Laval is making a playoff push. Those are meaningful games they’re playing, and they’ve been drained by all our injuries. I think I’d prefer him getting prime deployments in meaningful games over a bottom 6 role for a team destined to drop even more to the bottom 5-7 in the league. Calling him up hurts lavals chances of making the playoffs and puts him in a bad role on a bad team. I hope it’s a short term injury to RHP, and if not, that we grab a waiver player (or two) and send Roy down.
But maybe it’s good in the end… what do I know…