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Canadiens: Evaluating Jake Allen’s Potential Trade Deadline Value



montreal canadiens jake allen

With the Sean Monahan dossier settled the Montreal Canadiens can move on to other pressing trade issues, such as solving the three-goaltender rotation which has lasted well over half the season.

Cayden Primeau has seen limited action, mitigating any semblance of value in his development this year, whereas Jake Allen and Samuel Montembeault are surely running out of patience when it comes to the crowded crease.

The good news is that both Allen and Montembeault have played quite well this year, and while the bulk of the attention has focused on the latter, it’s only fair to point out that Allen’s results aren’t that far removed from his counterpart.

Montreal Canadiens Goaltenders By The Numbers

Canadiens fans are well aware that Montembeault ranks among the top goalies this season in a few important statistical categories, such as goals saved above average.

He has saved 7.4 goals above average at 5v5, good for 10th overall in the NHL.

But most fans probably don’t know that Allen has saved 6.4 goals above average, which places him among the top 15 goaltenders in the league.

If we consider that Allen has played fewer games than Montembeault, which means he’s actually saved more goals above expected per 60 minutes of 5v5 ice time, the discrepancy between both netminders (or lack thereof) becomes a little more clear.

That’s not to say that the Canadiens made a mistake signing Montembeault to a contract extension, or that the team should hold onto Allen rather than attempting to trade him, but teams in need of a goaltender have surely noticed the rumours of Allen’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Trade Market

With the risk of losing a season due to a lack of netminder reinforcements looming for some teams, Hughes’ decision to keep three goaltenders in the lineup may pay off.

There are still quite a few teams interested in acquiring a goaltender. The Edmonton Oilers have managed to right their ship, but teams like the Carolina Hurricanes and New Jersey Devils are still hoping to shore up their goaltending depth as they currently own the second and third-worst team save percentages in the NHL, respectively. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Colorado Avalanche have also been mentioned as some of the teams combing the league for a goaltender.

On the flip side of the coin, the latest rumblings have suggested the price to acquire a Canadiens goaltender is high, or at least relatively high.

Traditionally, goaltenders hold very little value in the NHL’s trade market. There’s always a surplus available, which leads to bargain prices for interested teams.

But now that the Canadiens have managed to avoid using their last retention spot while trading Monahan to the Jets, the possibility of retained salary in a potential move including Allen comes to the forefront, especially since the Habs have a healthy amount of cap space, the greatest asset in the modern NHL landscape.

In the end, retaining salary may just be the avenue necessary to finally solve the three-headed traffic jam situation in Montreal.

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Retaining salary in a Jake Allen deal would also mean they would have to do it for next season as well with the year remaining on his contract after this season. I’m not sure if using up our last salary retention slot this year to improve the return from say a 4th round pick to at best a 2nd round pick is worth it. We’re also on the hook next season for Petry as well. Edmundson becomes a UFA after this season, so at least we’ll have 1 slot available to pull a Monahan-like deal this summer, but the trade deadline is a better time to do those type of deals because the level of desperation by teams to dump a salary so they can acquire a quality piece from another team is much higher. Also, being further from the draft tends to make teams a little more willing to part with a higher draft pick than in the summer when they know exactly where they’ll be drafting and can zero in on, and fall in love with, a specific player.


I like Sam, but with all honesty K think he was protected this year. The majority of the “Good/hard” teams to play against were covered by Primeau and Allen. Look at his performance against Boston.

Pierre B.

Given that the title of this article is “Canadiens: Evaluating Jake Allen’s Potential Trade Deadline Value”, one would expect to see the said value. Why is it so hard to write it down? Typically, a goalie like Allen goes for a 3rd-round pick, more or less. Given that there’s a scarcity of healthy goalies available ahead of the trade deadline, Hughes can hope for a little more, perhaps a late-2nd, but it’s far from granted that he’ll get it.


A “conditional” 4th rd pick, with 1/3 salary retained. Seems to be par for the course these days…


Feels like there’s more value to be had retaining on Savard than Allen tbh