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Canadiens Potential Trade Partners And Returns At NHL Deadline



Montreal Canadiens forward Sean Monahan

With the National Hockey League’s Trade Deadline quickly approaching the Montreal Canadiens will have to decide whether or not they’ll be sellers or buyers prior to March 8.

With all signs pointing to the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge missing the playoffs and looking to unload a few players that can help contending teams for a pretty penny, here’s a list of potential destinations for players Kent Hughes could decide to part with, and hypothetical returns.

Tanner Pearson

Tanner Pearson is the definition of a depth addition. A team aiming to shore up their roster in case a regular player goes down could easily part with a late pick without losing sleep over it.

Potential buyers: Detroit, Edmonton, Florida, Nashville, Rangers, Seattle, Vegas, and Winnipeg.

My hunch: Winnipeg. Kevin Cheveldayoff is historically not a big spender at the deadline. This is his kind of depth move.

Potential return: Not a lot to be expected here. A third-rounder? Maybe less. Next.

Sean Monahan

The 29-year-old centerman is fourth in scoring for the Montreal Canadiens with 31 points in 46 games. The center line is a key position a contender could be looking to bolster before the playoffs roll around and with his 56.4% efficiency in the dot, Monahan could be a great complementary piece to insulate the middle of the ice. There are pros and cons to trading him, and extension talks have been rumoured, but the return could be too good to pass up.

Potential buyers: Arizona, Boston, Colorado, Nashville, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

My hunch: Boston

Potential return: Monahan could realistically fetch a first-round pick with his brilliant play. But for a divisional rival, Kent Hughes would also demand extra assets. The Bruins are quite thin at center – will they be that desperate? With little available on the market, Don Sweeney could be forced to pony up, especially since their first pick should be outside of the top 25, anyway.

Jake Allen

The 33-year-old goaltender boasts a .901 save percentage after 15 contests and has been a staple atop TSN’s trade bait board all year. He’s a veteran presence that could serve as an insurance policy for a team with shaky backup goaltending. With one more year to his contract beyond this season, it’s likely Kent Hughes will have to retain salary to accommodate the buyer.

Potential buyers: Carolina, Colorado, Edmonton, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Toronto.

My hunch: Carolina

Potential return: The Montreal Canadiens could be looking to reunite the Suzuki brothers while adding center depth. Also, Kent Hughes seems to like to nab unproven players drafted in 2019 – this could be the perfect combo. Maybe not one-for-one, but this could be the basis of the trade.

Other potential trade bait

David Savard: The veteran right-handed defenceman could also be sent away. With the way Arber Xhekaj and Logan Mailloux clicked in Laval, Kent Hughes may be tempted to reunite them in Montreal, sooner than later – especially if Savard can fetch a nice return.

Mike Matheson: With the impending arrival of highly-touted offensive defenceman Lane Hutson, a major logjam is on the horizon. Matheson is currently 13th in points among defencemen in the NHL, with 32 points, ahead of players like Erik Karlsson, Devon Toews, and Kris Letang. His two extra contract years beyond this season complicate things (and render an in-season trade less likely) but crazier things have happened. With a bit of creativity and for the right price, maybe some magic can happen.

If not, expect Jayden Struble to be (undeservedly) sent down when Hutson arrives in the spring.


Is there another Montreal Canadiens player that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Pierre B.

Is it a delay in publishing or a failure to pay attention? Monahan now has 35 points in 49 games, not 31 points in 46 games; that’s 4 more points in the last 3 games.


Habs should not trade within division. Not helping these teams unless it’s a mass overpayment. Instead, let’s help the oilers end the Canadian teams Cup drought.

Also , what’s the value of late first? For monohan, I want a top 3 or top 5 prospect that is around 20/21 years old.

Last edited 22 days ago by Dave

It is less than a 50% chance a draft pick will play in the NHL, and that includes players who will play only one game. So the odds are against a draft pick every playing as well as Monahan.


Don’t trade with Boston as well they having nothing interesting to offer.Monahan’s value is rising (as long as he doesn’t get injured) with 11 points in the last 7 games. It is the best he has played in years.


Primeau…..Allen stays as the #2 while the goalies in the minors push their way up the depth chart Dobes/Fowler/Miller/Volokhin all have a shot at taking Allen out(maybe even Monty as well) when the Habs are a playoff team…ALSO Xhekaj could bolster a teams playoff grit while having a young career ahead with a top 4 ceiling…Habs have too many Lefties in their depth chart all the way from Laval to juniors. Habs could get a pretty penny in a bidding war for an undrafted WiFi(Im not sold on his overall NHL game and neither is MSL based on being shipped to the minors AND being sat for a game) OR even Harris but prospects or 1st round picks would define that trade….the others you stated are the most obvious but any combo of players I suggested could sweeten the deal to get the trade done but only if the Habs youth gets a solid return if traded

John Spearing

I know we missed our window to move him last year, but Josh Anderson could be the type of depth piece a contender looks at…
Armia won’t fetch anything, but we might be able to unload him right now…
And with all the LHD we have on the roster and in the system, I think a young guy like Harris is expendable if the right offer comes along or if we package him with a lesser vet to add value to the return.

Interesting deadline, Hughes won’t feel forced to do anything, but we have plenty of pieces that could draw varying degrees of interest.

John Spearing

PS – I would love to add lil’ Suzuki for Allen… I’d even be willing to throw in a mid – late draft pick to sweeten that one (perhaps the pick we get for Pearson is flipped to secure this deal) 😉
But I’d rather a young “A” prospect for Monahan, say someone like C Ritchie from the Avs 😉

Rick A Robinson

Gratin Hughes are doing great … if we can stay healthy we would be farther along but due to injuries we are falling in the standings .. another top ten and Hughes has first rounders to trade off … I see all is good we don’t expect a immediate turn around with all the bad contracts … also the sophomore jinks lots of rookies last year … all better next year again … strong Team … have trust in the process