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GOTTA SEE IT: Lane Hutson Embarrasses Swedish Bully



Montreal Canadiens defenceman LanE hutson

Montreal Canadiens prospect Lane Hutson enjoyed a very good 2024 World Junior Championship.

Not only was he the most used player at the tournament, but he was also named as one of Team USA’s top 3 players, in addition to being named the defenceman of the tournament by the media contingent.

Hutson played more of a support role than we’re used to seeing when he plays for Boston University. Rather than driving the play, Hutson was tasked with joining the rush when necessary, while maintaining strong defensive awareness in his own zone.

His excellent play helped power Team USA to a well-deserved gold medal, the sixth win at the World Junior Championship in the country’s history.

But the most entertaining play of the holidays came in the dying seconds of the gold-medal game, which Team USA won with a decisive 6-2 score.

Sweden decided to put Anton Johansson on the ice, despite the fact that he was used sparingly throughout the game. The 6’4″ player immediately started to act like a fool, targeting smaller American players in the process.

He and a teammate double-teamed an American forward, which incited a response from 5’10” Hutson.

Look, we all know Hutson is a versatile player, but no one knew the defenceman had that ‘dawg’ in him. Until now, that is.

Hutson quickly threw a pair of big overhand rights before tricking Johansson into lunging at him. The tactic worked, as Hutson transitioned seamlessly into a guillotine, effectively ending the late-game goon show.

No one expects Lane Hutson to play as an enforcer once he makes it to the NHL, but it’s always entertaining to see a much smaller player take down a bigger aggressor, especially when you consider his opponent was fresh, whereas Hutson played more than half the game.

His quick intervention was sure to please his teammates, who were all smiles as they accepted their gold medals shortly afterward.