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Canadiens Prospects Most Likely To Receive Call-Up From AHL



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As Montreal Canadiens fans know all too well, injuries are an inevitable aspect of professional hockey.

Fortunately, the team has enjoyed a slightly better streak of luck in the injury department lately, at least relative to the laundry list of injured players from the 2022-23 season.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the players who deserve a call-up from the AHL if the Canadiens were to require reinforcements.

Sniping Goals

While most of the focus has been put on Joshua Roy’s fantastic start to his professional hockey career, it should be noted that Lias Andersson has managed to score seven goals in just eight games with the Laval Rocket.

Roy will eventually make his way to the NHL thanks to his evolution into a 200-foot forward who excels in every situation, but given the Canadiens’ history with rushing prospects, it’s probably wiser to err on the side of caution and allow him to play at least 20 games before asking him to take the next and most important step in his career.

Andersson, on the other hand, has plenty of experience, both in the AHL and the NHL, and has clearly approached his one-year contract with the Canadiens with a renewed sense of urgency when it comes to his long-term career aspirations. He also possesses a fantastic shot, an area in which the Canadiens could use reinforcements.

Bringing Andersson to the NHL ahead of Roy may seem like a step backwards, but it would allow the younger Canadiens prospect to continue his steady development while Andersson an opportunity to show what he can bring to the table in an NHL setting.

Defensive Stalwart

Most Montreal Canadiens fans expected players such as Logan Mailloux, Mattias Norlinder, or William Trudeau to be among the players most likely to receive a promotion, but if we’re basing it on a meritocracy, Jayden Struble should be at the front of the call-up line.

Trudeau has struggled all season, Norlinder is having a hard time generating sustained offence, and Mailloux still needs a lot of time in the AHL to adapt to the pace of play in professional hockey.

Amid all that chaos, Struble has stood out as the team’s most reliable blueliner.

He has much less on his plate compared to his time with the Northeastern Huskies in the NCAA, and that allows the 22-year-old defenceman to focus on improving the fine details of his game.

He’s been excellent defensively and has shown a strong instinct as to when he should join the rush, which is exactly what you want to see from a player who is hoping to ascend to the NHL.

Earned Promotion

The Rocket have struggled to play as a cohesive unit in the early parts of the 2023-24 season, which means few players have stood out from a production standpoint.

But it must be said that Mitchell Stephens could represent a smart call-up option for the Montreal Canadiens, despite his somewhat tepid scoring pace this season.

Mitchell only has one goal and five assists in eight games, but he’s also one of Jean-Francois Houle’s most trusted centremen due to his penchant for offering an honest effort during every shift.

It’s unlikely he will suddenly find a new gear and start producing at the NHL level, but he can certainly serve as a depth option, with the added bonus of leaving players like Roy or Sean Farrell in the AHL so they can continue their development.


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If RHP’s injury keeps him out for any length of time before Dvorak comes back, I’d like to see Slafkovsky (despite all his troubles) given a shot on the top line just to see if Suzuki & Caufield can create any kind of spark in the kid. I would think he’d pick up points (and build his confidence) just by osmosis. If, after a handful of games, it still isn’t happening for Slafkovsky, then I wouldn’t mind seeing Lias Andersson given a shot on the top line too. As tempting as it would be to see Roy used there, I’d rather see him continue to dominate in Laval for a bit longer before being called up. Also, an RHP injury would also mean Pezzetta gets back in the lineup (where he belongs).


I think we wait until after the roadtrip (after game with STL) and Dvorak is activated. Once he is, Newhook will exclusively play wing. And in order to justify the trade logistics, he MUST play on the 2nd line. And Pearson is outperforming Anderson by a wide margin at this point so that logic says Pearson should stay on the 2nd line. And by the same logic Gally is outperforming Slaf by a wide margin at this point, so he should be promoted to the top line as justification – NOT a significantly struggling Slaf. Slaf cannot play on the 3rd line, partially because he needs ice time to work out his issues, but mostly because you can’t justify or stomach your #1 overall pick in the draft playing on a 3rd line! So, by easy math, he is odd man out right now and as the dominos fall once Dvorak returns, Slaf should immediately be sent to the AHL. It would serve him very well to go to the minors for about a month and then we see what happens. Hopefully, he comes back with an edge and a game and he’s on the 2nd line for good thereafter.

Last edited 1 month ago by morrisk