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Montreal Canadiens Make Surprise Cut, Place Two Players On Waivers



Canadiens forward Joel Armia

With the opening of the regular season just around the corner, the Montreal Canadiens have announced the latest rounds of cuts from training camp.

There were still 29 players remaining at camp, though it should be noted that both Christian Dvorak (week-to-week) and Chris Wideman (out indefinitely) are currently injured.

Prior to today’s news, the most recent round of cuts included two of their top defensive prospects. 2023 first-round pick David Reinbacher was loaned to his NL team, EHC Kloten, whereas 2020 first-round pick Logan Mailloux was loaned to the Laval Rocket.

It’s worth noting that Reinbacher scored immediately upon his return to the NL, though his empty-net goal is less important than the minutes he’ll receive while playing on Kloten’s top pairing.

Final Montreal Canadiens Training Camp Cuts

The following players were cut from the training camp roster by the Montreal Canadiens on Sunday:

  • Joel Armia
  • Gustav Lindstrom

Both players require waivers, which means we will have to wait until Monday at 2 p.m. ET to see if they clear.

Sending Armia to the waiver wire comes as a surprise, even though you’d be hard-pressed to argue that he deserved a roster spot. Armia carries a $3.4 million salary cap hit. Teams are allowed to bury up to $1.15 million in the AHL, which means Armia will still account for a $2.25 million cap hit this season.

NHL CBA Waiver-Wire Priority List Refresher

For now, the off-season priority list is locked in and will give teams that finished lower in the standings last year the first opportunity to claim a player that is placed on waivers.

For example, the Montreal Canadiens finished 28th last year, therefore they are the team with the fifth highest priority on the NHL’s waiver wire list. Teams have 24 hours to make a claim.

The off-season list will remain in place until November 1, when it will switch from using last season’s standings to this year’s standings to determine priority.

Simply put, the Canadiens will maintain the fifth-best position on the waiver wire priority list for at least a month. The Anaheim Ducks will maintain the No.1 spot on the list until November 1, as well, despite claiming Lassi Thomson from the Senators.

To get a better understanding of the NHL’s waiver wire priority process, you can click here.

Here is the current NHL waiver-priority list, which is valid until November 1:

TeamsWaiver Priority Order
Anaheim Ducks1
Columbus Blue Jackets2
Chicago Blackhawks3
San Jose Sharks4
Montreal Canadiens5
Arizona Coyotes6
Philadelphia Flyers7
Washington Capitals8
Detroit Red Wings9
St-Louis Blues10
Vancouver Canucks11
Ottawa Senators12
Buffalo Sabres13
Pittsburgh Penguins14
Nashville Predators15
Florida Panthers16
Calgary Flames17
NY Islanders18
Winnipeg Jets19
Tampa Bay Lightning20
Seattle Kraken21
Minnesota Wild22
Los Angeles Kings23
NY Rangers24
Dallas Stars25
Colorado Avalanche26
Edmonton Oilers27
Vegas Golden Knights28
Toronto Maple Leafs29
New Jersey Devils30
Carolina Hurricanes31
Boston Bruins32


The Montreal Canadiens will be in action on Wednesday, as their regular season gets underway on October 11 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The last time these two teams met in the preseason the Canadiens emerged with a 5-4 comeback win in overtime. The puck drop for the season-opening game on Wednesday is scheduled for 7 p.m. ET.

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I guess it’s been a long time coming. Hopefully Armia doesn’t have a bad attitude in Laval that could infect the kids in any way. At least there should be a better chance at a full time spot for RHP & Ylönen. Now we just need to clear out someone for Heinemen. The physicality he demonstrated in the last game vs Ottawa was the death knell for Armia.

John Stone

for once i have to agree with you… and only once.


Bad move. Losing an excellent penalty killer.

Jamie Swansburg Swansburg

Haha…yeah right…and women get better looking with age😝


Robbing one of the deserving young kids of a spot, and paying that extra money on the cap, isn’t worth keeping him. Especially since we have replacements who may not be as good, but won’t be terrible, and the pk for him is what? 2-4min a game? I get that kids would be well served with big minutes in Laval, but not all of them.


Nope. Great move. Armia has zero f-s given, is only good on pk, not worth a roster spot or his salary. Better off with the kids or to claim Raphael Lajoie from Edmonton


Not surprised at all by these moves. They are the right ones. Did Armia, at any time during this training camp look like he was really making an effort to keep his spot on the Roster. As I stated earlier, he plays with very little grit and enthusiasm. I hope he can recover his game in Laval, but, I am skeptical about him getting another shot at returning to the Habs.


Great moves. Now we can claim Raphael Lavoie from Edmonton

John Stone

lol.. that i dont see happening. theure trying to free space.. nit ake it more of a burden again..