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Canadiens Waivers: Sokolov and 2018 First-Round Pick Available



montreal canadiens waiver target egor sokolov

The Montreal Canadiens did not place any players on waivers Tuesday.

Following yet another soul-crushing, comeback win against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Canadiens headed to Mont Tremblant for some rest, relaxation, and team-bonding activities.

Almost 30 players were placed on waivers Monday, though none of them led to a waiver claim.

Tuesday’s list may have different results given that the Ottawa Senators placed a first-round pick on the waiver wire. Former Habs forward Anthony Richard was also placed on waivers (Boston Bruins).

NHL Players On Waivers (October 3)

After losing their 2019 first-round pick, Lassi Thomson, on waivers earlier this week, the Ottawa Senators once again placed high-end prospects on the waiver wire.

2018 first-round pick Jacob Bernard-Docker was chosen 26th overall by Ottawa following a relatively quiet season with the NCAA’s University of North Dakota. The right-handed defenceman improved his production the following year, finishing his NCAA tenure with 15 goals and 45 assists in 90 games.

After earning just 15 points in 99 AHL games, not to mention two assists in 32 NHL games, the Senators have decided that it’s worth risking his loss by placing him on waivers.

Ottawa also placed 23-year-old winger Egor Sokolov on waivers. He was chosen 61st overall by the Senators at the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

Montreal Canadiens fans who keep a close eye on the Laval Rocket will be familiar with what he brings to the table. In 169 AHL games, Sokolov has produced an impressive 55 goals and 79 assists.

Given that he’s only slated to make $775,000 this season, there are very low odds that Sokolov will clear waivers. Expect one of the top teams on the NHL’s waiver-wire priority list to make a claim.

NHL CBA Waiver-Wire Priority List Refresher

For now, the off-season priority list is locked in and will give teams that finished lower in the standings last year the first opportunity to claim a player that is placed on waivers.

For example, the Montreal Canadiens finished 28th last year, therefore they are the team with the fifth highest priority on the NHL’s waiver wire list. Teams have 24 hours to make a claim.

The off-season list will remain in place until November 1, when it will switch from using last season’s standings to this year’s standings to determine priority.

Simply put, the Canadiens will maintain the fifth-best position on the waiver wire priority list for at least a month. The Anaheim Ducks will maintain the No.1 spot on the list until November 1, as well, despite claiming Lassi Thomson from the Senators.

To get a better understanding of the NHL’s waiver wire priority process, you can click here.

Here is the current NHL waiver-priority list, which is valid until November 1:

TeamsWaiver Priority Order
Anaheim Ducks1
Columbus Blue Jackets2
Chicago Blackhawks3
San Jose Sharks4
Montreal Canadiens5
Arizona Coyotes6
Philadelphia Flyers7
Washington Capitals8
Detroit Red Wings9
St-Louis Blues10
Vancouver Canucks11
Ottawa Senators12
Buffalo Sabres13
Pittsburgh Penguins14
Nashville Predators15
Florida Panthers16
Calgary Flames17
NY Islanders18
Winnipeg Jets19
Tampa Bay Lightning20
Seattle Kraken21
Minnesota Wild22
Los Angeles Kings23
NY Rangers24
Dallas Stars25
Colorado Avalanche26
Edmonton Oilers27
Vegas Golden Knights28
Toronto Maple Leafs29
New Jersey Devils30
Carolina Hurricanes31
Boston Bruins32


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There a few goalies who have been put on waivers so will Hughes wait and see if those other goalies get picked up and then put Primeau on waivers?


I think they might “keep him up” until the regular season starts while “sending down” some waiver exempt players on paper only. That would buy us the most time and hopefully teams would be all set and wouldn’t have a spot for Primeau. Once that’s the case, they could send Primeau down for real and “recall” the waiver exempt player (that never left).


They should move Allen.


Somebody should take JBD for sure. Sokolov too for that matter. This is the same problem we are going to have in a couple of years. Lots of good prospects and not enough places to play them. That’s why we can’t keep making trades that bring a couple of decent pieces or a solid body back. We have very limited spots available for players and should only be filling them with elite pieces rather than continuing to collect lots of good ones. Guys like Ylönen right now are going to be wasted on the 4th line.