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2019 First-Round Pick Available to Montreal Canadiens On Waivers



Montreal Canadiens waiver target Lassi Thomson

Waiver season is upon us, which means the Montreal Canadiens will be closely monitoring the NHL’s waiver wire to determine whether any of the players can help the team re-enforce various positions.

Available Talent On Waivers

The Ottawa Senators placed several players on waivers, including 2019 first-round pick Lassie Thomson.

Thomson, 23, is comfortable carrying the puck through the neutral zone, owing to his good speed and hand-eye coordination. In 56 games with the Belleville Bulls last season Thomson scored seven goals and 26 assists, while also serving as the team’s powerplay quarterback on several occasions.

It’s also worth noting that Thomson is right-handed, which could end up improving the odds the Finnish defencemen will be claimed by 2 p.m. ET tomorrow.

As a reminder, the Canadiens are fifth on the NHL’s waiver-wire priority list.

Canadiens fans who also keep a close eye on the Laval Rocket are surely familiar with what Thomson brings to the table: mobility, controlled exits, and a very good point shot. Fans who tend to ignore the AHL may remember that newcomer Alex Newhook made Thomson look rather silly the last time they played against each other in the NHL.

As previously stated, the Montreal Canadiens don’t necessarily need to add more players to their defensive group, but Thomson does project as a player who is closer to being NHL-ready than some of the other options on the right side.

If general manager Kent Hughes wants to give players such as Logan Mailloux and David Reinbacher more time to develop, adding Thomson to the mix could give the development team some breathing room when it comes to readying them for a full-time NHL job.

The Canadiens made some news of their own when it comes to the waiver wire on Saturday. Forwards Lucas Condotta and Mitchell Stephens were placed on waivers, as well as defencemen Nicolas Beaudin and Brady Keeper.

If they go unclaimed, all four are set to report to the Laval Rocket.

NHL CBA Waiver-Wire Priority List Refresher

For now, the off-season priority list is locked in and will give teams that finished lower in the standings last year the first opportunity to claim a player that is placed on waivers.

For example, the Montreal Canadiens finished 28th last year, therefore they are the team with the fifth highest priority on the NHL’s waiver wire list. Teams have 24 hours to make a claim.

The off-season list will remain in place until November 1, when it will switch from using last season’s standings to this year’s standings to determine priority.

Simply put, the Canadiens will maintain the fifth-best position on the waiver wire priority list for at least a month. The Columbus Blue Jackets will also maintain their high priority despite claiming Spencer Martin on Friday.

To get a better understanding of the NHL’s waiver wire priority process, you can click here.

Here is the current NHL waiver-priority list, which is valid until November 1:

TeamsWaiver Priority Order
Anaheim Ducks1
Columbus Blue Jackets2
Chicago Blackhawks3
San Jose Sharks4
Montreal Canadiens5
Arizona Coyotes6
Philadelphia Flyers7
Washington Capitals8
Detroit Red Wings9
St-Louis Blues10
Vancouver Canucks11
Ottawa Senators12
Buffalo Sabres13
Pittsburgh Penguins14
Nashville Predators15
Florida Panthers16
Calgary Flames17
NY Islanders18
Winnipeg Jets19
Tampa Bay Lightning20
Seattle Kraken21
Minnesota Wild22
Los Angeles Kings23
NY Rangers24
Dallas Stars25
Colorado Avalanche26
Edmonton Oilers27
Vegas Golden Knights28
Toronto Maple Leafs29
New Jersey Devils30
Carolina Hurricanes31
Boston Bruins32
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Derrek Cauchi

Habs should grab guys like this any time there’s an opportunity. He has potential and Laval can be loaded up with other guys who are not ready or who are redundant. Might be time to have that talk with Gallagher too. He has been a star but looked awful yesterday, arthritic-like. I don’t see how he helps the team unless he suddenly learns how to skate again.


Yet, he was on pace for 19 goals last season.


If HuGo are smart, they should claim Martin Jones off waivers when the Leafs try to send him down, and then flip him for a pick to Tampa in a prearranged swap. We’d hurt the Leafs in depth, while helping their rivals survive without Vasilevskiy, and we’d get a free asset for doing it.


😂. That would be funny.