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Canadiens DeSmith Traded To Vancouver For Pearson



Montreal Canadiens forward tanner pearson

The Montreal Canadiens have acquired forward Tanner Pearson from the Vancouver Canucks.

Pearson, 31, currently makes $3.25 million per season, and is in the last year of a three-year contract. He played just 13 games last year due to a hand injury. He scored one goal and four assists. Pearson scored 14 goals and 20 assists in 68 games the previous season.

Given that the Canucks are looking to shed salary, and the Canadiens have plenty of cap space available, especially once they put Carey Price on the long-term injured reserve, you had to assume the price tag on Pearson wouldn’t be very high.

It turns out the complete trade is as follows: the Canadiens acquired Pearson and a 2025 third-round pick in exchange for goaltender Casey DeSmith.

Pearson should be able to fill out the bottom six of the Canadiens roster, though we’ll have to hear what head coach Martin St-Louis has to say once he addresses the media.

DeSmith was originally acquired from the Pittsburgh Penguins in a trade involving defenceman Jeff Petry. He’s on the last year of a two-year contract that counts for $1.8 million in salary cap.

As it stands, the Montreal Canadiens have too many goaltenders are their disposition, which explains why they did not hesitate to move DeSmith.

The options were limited, but general manager Kent Hughes managed to swing, using a 2025 third-round draft pick to absorb the extra $1.45 million in salary.

It’s a smart bit of business by Hughes, who had already promised to find DeSmith a new team the very day he acquired him from the Penguins.

The goalie market in the NHL is rather slow, as evidenced by the numerous goaltenders that have been traded for pennies on the dollar in recent years, which means a goaltender like DeSmith usually holds little to no value in trades.

DeSmith played in 38 games for the Penguins last year, resulting in a 15-16-1 record, a 3.11 goals against average, and a .905 save percentage.

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So, at the beginning of the summer our #1 goal was to shed bodies to create roster spots for several young players who need the development opportunities. We had too many forwards, too many defencemen, and too many goalies. We still have too many guys at every position. We gained a couple of picks that likely won’t amount to anything, which is fine because the goal was to dump bodies off the roster. The problem is, has anything changed? We used up 2 salary retention slots. I guess that changed. This last traded used up almost doubled the cap space that DeSmith had. I hope the next move is to dump Pearson for just a draft pick and nothing else.


Pearson will be a 4th line winger. Rather have the kids getting minutes in the A then 9min a night on the 4th line. Hurts a guy like Pezetta though.


For sure. The ones that are waiver exempt. But kids like Ylönen who are not waiver exempt have yet another body to eat up ice time they’re competing with. Ylönen shouldn’t be on the 4th line, but when you build out the lines, it’s either him, RHP, Pezzetta or Gallagher. We know they wouldn’t insult Gally by putting him on the 4th line, so now it’s one of those other 3 that’s gonna get stiffed. It shouldn’t even be an issue we have to deal with. We just need to get rid of the guy. But good luck moving Pearson without using our last salary retention slot to do it.

Pierre B.

Yes, the Canadiens will be able to operate without going in off-season LTIR. It was already the case before this last transaction, but this last trade was to honour a promise to DeSmith. Hughes told him that he’d find him a NHL team where he could play.
Pearson will compete for a 4th-line roster spot at training camp; that’s fine with me. If he does make the team, he’ll be sent to Laval, he’ll clear waivers for sure and the team will have more depth. As for Lindstrom, he’ll likely compete with Barron for a roster spot. If Barron makes the team, I will not shed a tear if Lindstrom is picked up on waivers. That’s how we got Kovacevic last year; it’s just fair for the players who deserve NHL roster spots but face a logjam with their current team.


Unfortunately, in the present cap crunch NHL, there are plenty of deserving players that aren’t playing because they can’t be fit under the cap.

My original comment wasn’t concerned with the cap at all though. The concern was that we started the summer with too many players and although many bodies were moved out, all but one resulted in a bodies out / bodies in scenario. Edmundson to WSH got us down 1 Dman, but the series of Petry deals added one back in Lindstrom. The Hoffman/Pitlick trade got rid of 2 forwards, but in the end, we got a Dman and a goalie back. The DeSmith trade got rid of a goalie, but brought back a forward. So, after everything this summer, nothing changed for the defence or in net, and we were able to subtract 1 forward. I’m not counting Legare because I don’t believe he’ll be a part of the team. If I did include him, then absolutely nothing changed with our overcrowding problem. Sure, adding picks is nice, but none are of the variety that are likely to bring in an impact elite piece. Plus when you consider many are not even until 2025, and then the likely 3+ years it’ll take until one of those picks is ready for the NHL (if any ever make it), we’re looking at someone 5+ years away from contributing to the team. We have an extremely deep pool of prospects already, but lack any elite game changers other than maybe Hutson (assuming he isn’t too frail to last). The type of deals we need to be making are package deals that move quantity and bring back quality. Easier said than done, I know, but if not now, when? The rebuild is now. The time for growing pains is now. The longer we wait, we run the chance of wasting prime years of Suzuki & Caufield’s peak years. Just look at Toronto, who are basically the exact opposite of us (elite pieces with thin depth). They’ve wasted several years of Matthews, Marner & Nylander. I don’t want us to do the same thing.


DeSmith was always going to be traded, and most forecast a 7th rounder for him.

The Habs just picked up a 3rd, and a guy who will get a mid to late round draft pick or equivalent prospect depending upon how he’s recovered from his hand injury.

Any way you look at it, getting a 3rd plus whatever Pearson brings is far superior than a 7th. I can’t quite grasp your pessimism on this transaction, but to each their own.

I am pleased with how the rebuild is going so far in both assets and behind the scenes structural change that will solidify the foundation of what is being built.


I actually don’t hate it, but let’s not fool ourselves, that 3rd round pick was strictly for taking on the extra salary cap hit. Vancouver likely would have made that trade even if they weren’t getting DeSmith back. They just wanted to be free of the headache from the controversy last year and gain extra cap space. If healthy, I think Pearson would be a great addition to us… but just not when we’re in a rebuild and already trying to find a spot for kids to play and develop. I have nothing against the player. It’s just not a trade we need. We need to move bodies out, not bring them in. That’s all I was trying to get across in my original post. Compared to most teams this summer, it’s fairly easy to say we were somewhat active. The problem for me is we have ended up in almost the exact same spot we were before the summer. We were able to subtract a goalie, but at forward and defence the net results of all the summer trades pretty much ends up being a player out and a player in. It didn’t accomplish the goal of moving bodies out to create full time positions for the kids that are already here. We still need to find full time spots for Ylönen, RHP & Pezzetta, and we still need to find a spot for Barron. Going into the summer I was hoping we still wouldn’t have the same problems as we are heading into main training camp.


There are some similarities between Mike Hoffman and Tanner Pearson. They were both born in Kitchener, Ontario. Last year Mike Hoffman had 14 goals and 20 assists for 34 points. In the 2021-2022 season Tanner Pearson also had 14 goals and 20 assists for 34 points. The end result of the unusual trade between Montreal, Pittsburgh and San Jose is that the Canadiens in effect have traded Mike Hoffman for Tanner Pearson.


Final tally on the Petry trade. Petry with 2.3m retained for
2nd 25
3rd 25
4th 23
4th 25
Not a bad haul!!


I forgot Lindstron


And Ryan poehling


More like Petry, Poehling, Hoffman, Pitlick & DeSmith for all that stuff. It’s not just Petry going the other way.