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Montreal Canadiens Trade Petry For Lindstrom And Pick



Montreal Canadiens Jeff Petry

The Montreal Canadiens have announced they have traded defenceman Jeff Petry to the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for defenceman Gustav Lindstrom and a fourth-round pick in 2025.

In addition to trading Petry to the Wings, the Canadiens will also retain 50 percent of his salary.

The condition on the fourth-round pick in 2025 is that it will be whichever pick is later in the draft between Detroit’s own fourth-round pick and Boston’s fourth-round pick.

Petry joins former Habs defencemen Ben Chariot in Detroit.

He was recently re-acquired by the Canadiens in the three-way trade that sent Erik Karlsson to the Pittsburgh Penguins, as well as Mike Hoffman to the San Jose Sharks.

Gustav Lindstrom, 24, is a right-handed defenceman who was a second-round pick (38th overall) at the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. After spending a season with Frolunda in the SHL, Lindstrom made his way to North America in 2018, where he spent 16 games with the Red Wings, as well as 45 games with their AHL affiliate, the Grand Rapid Griffins.

The following season was split between the Red Wings, the Rapid Griffins, and Almtuna of the Swedish Hockey League.

In 2021-22 he played 63 games with the Red Wings, earning one goal and 12 assists. Last season he featured in only 36 Red Wings games, scoring one goal and seven assists.

Lindstrom is a very calm presence on the ice, preferring to play a safe game in the offensive zone, which explains his overall lack of production. However, he is quite adept at breakouts, which is an area of concern for the Montreal Canadiens, particularly on the right side of the ice.

He’ll be among the many players looking to make a name for themselves at training camp, especially since there should be an opening on the right side now that Petry is no longer in the mix.

All statistics via Elite Prospects

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Pretty disappointing return especially since we’re retaining 50% on Petry’s contract for 2 years, but really, it’s all gravy. So far the deal is Hoffman & Pitlick for a 2nd, 4th & Lindstrom, Legare, plus whatever we might be able to get for DeSmith.

Last edited 3 months ago by Tyrone

Retaining 50% of his salary should have landed a 2nd round pick. Yzerman fleeced the habs again


Agreed. That was the return I had in mind. Having said that, we did unload Hoffman who we couldn’t get rid of even with 50% retained so in the end we basically did and got a 2nd, 4th, 2 prospects and a goalie we hopefully can flip for another pick. Big picture, that’s a ridiculous return for Hoffman & Pitlick. I don’t expect either prospect to ever amount to anything, but picks can be used as currency in the future.

John smith

fleeced? Everyone and their brother new petry wasn’t sticking around in montreal and no one was taking petry without 50% retained. Hughes did very well considering everyone thought he would have to pay to get rid of Hoffman! He got a 2nd,4th,lindstrom(2nd) legare (2nd) desmith all for 2.34 million thats some very good work by Hughes right there


Yes, fleeced. Completely bald. This trade was made in desperation…and when that happens – you get fleeced by other GMs who are chomping at the bit to get your “desperation” off your hands…


No it wasnt. Petry had a 15team no trade list no cup contender was going to have room for his contract even retained. They were never going to get a 1st or 2nd for him. Unless they moved him at the deadline. And sometime tells me petrys wife wanted nothing to do with montreal after the whole covid debacle. So him playing in habs wasnt going to happen.. hughes did right by him. When they acquired him it was under the pretense that he would do everything in his power to move him to his preferred location.
Yes it sucks we have to retain 2.6m for 2years but thats the cost of business he badly wanted to unleashe the hoffman contract. Which oddly enough is a wash now. 4.5mil hoffman for 1year or a 2.6m petry for 2years. Oh well. What people do realize is this move allows the habs to go about business without having to put price on ltir. What ever that means lol apparently that was hughes goal all along. Now id like to see armia contract gone and make a move for lafreniere. Lol

John Smith

I’m the original John Smith on this website with a capital “S”. People are now going to confuse you with me.

Pierre B.

Gustav Lindström was a 2nd-round pick (2017 #38), and one who already made it to the NHL.


Is that so? So, he must be great…let’s look up his stats:

In 128 career games, he has 2 goals. 1+1
He’s already at -33 in +/- in just 128 games
His advanced numbers are below average

He’s a glorified AHL player who would not be on an NHL roster of good players. He couldn’t even make it in Detroit.


What did you expect in return for a player that wanted nothing to do with your team? Teams knew it habs knew it. He tried to find the best option available when your hands are tied thanks to his wife. Finding a team that is american based from the west. That still has cap space and not a complete rebuilding.. good luck. He did fine. Your not going to win every trade but i think he knew thst when he first re acquired petry. You take your loses and move on. But ultimately it allowed hughes and gorton to accomplish their #1 goal this offseason. Find a way to move dead qeight contracts for the kids and to become cap compliant without using the LTIR.


I understand your disappointment but the trade was Hoffman & Pitlick for a 2nd, 4th & Lindstrom I thought they did good in trade and we will see how Lindstrom does this upcoming season and who the Habs. Draft with 2nd & 4th pick to judge this trade . No NHL team wanted Hoffman not even for free. Jeff Petry is slowly declining. I thought the habs make a creative trade.

Pierre B.

Disappointing? The trade market is what it is. Petry’s contract had a negative value without this salary retention. While it might be more valuable at the trade deadline, it is no longer our concern.
The summer’s transactions become:
Mike Hoffman, Rem Pitlick, $2 343 750 retained salary for 2 years
Casey DeSmith, Gustav Lindström (2017 #38), Nathan Légaré (2019 #77), 2025 PIT 2nd-round pick, 2025 4th-round (lesser of DET or BOS)
Let’s see how Lindström will fit with the Canadiens before judging this last transaction. There’s now a healthy internal competition for the young defensemen, both on the left and right sides. As a 24-year-old RHD, Lindström is certainly a better fit than Petry who would have been a distraction coming back to a team he asked to be traded from. Hughes chose to trade Petry to the team closest to his family, a class act or coincidence? It doesn’t hurt the team’s image either way.


The return was basically a bag of pucks – AND retain 50% salary for two years for basically nothing.

Would have fetched much more at the TDL. The trade market “it is what it is” is only that way when you are desperate!

Its NOT a class act, its not coincidence. Its letting the inmate (or the inmate’s stuck-up wife) run the asylum…at the expense of the team’s needs.

You want to know how Lindstrom will “fit”? He’s going directly to the AHL. There’s your “fit” right there. I’m judging.

Bad, Bad, Bad trade. Bad.
Worse that the Toffoli fleece last year.

Last edited 3 months ago by morrisk

People are trying to tell you. There was zero chance of petry playing a single game for montreal this season. The only reason the karlsson trade went thru is because petry accepted his deal to montreal becauae hughes said he would move him asap. You were never going to get a return of value for him and lindstrom is a body with nhl experience incase kocevic or wifi were 1hit wonders. Since the habs still dont know whats happening to logan mailloux its a good depth move. Ill take a linstrom as a #7 dman over seeing chris wideman.

Pierre B.

In a press interview, Hughes confirmed that he chose to act rapidly to respect his word. The Petry family has 4 kids and they must prepare for back-to-school. Lindström might be suboptimal, but he’s now on our depth chart. How high? We’ll soon see at training camp.


The Petry family has 4 kids and they must prepare for back-to-school.”

Do the inmates run the asylum?

No further questions, your Honor…

John smith

Buddy you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, try learning a bit about the game and you wont sound so unintelligent


Isn’t that what I said? I said we got a ridiculous haul for Hoffman, Pitlick & 50% salary retention on Petry in the big picture. For this specific trade with Detroit, I’m a little disappointed, as I thought we might be able to get another 2nd for a top 2 or 3 Dman at a sweetheart of a price. Players like Legare & Lindstrom hold little value to me. We’re already overstocked with bodies everywhere. Bottom pairing D prospects or 4th liners aren’t moving the needle in our rebuild. I’d much rather take a higher pick and no body back, than a lesser pick and a B or C level prospect. We need elite pieces, not more mediocre ones. We weren’t going to get any elite pieces in these trades, but a higher pick would give us better odds of finding one in the draft or packaging it in a trade for one.


Ill take a lindstrom over a chris wideman anyday of the week. This move allows hughes to bury wideman. And have security in case kocevic or wifi struggle to adapt. We still have no clue as to whats happening with mailloux as well so this is another level of protection. Unfortunetly with petry 15 team list and the salary cap flat 95% of the teams dont have the cap or space for a petry. And we already know thru his interview that he report to training camp if needbe but this was a pit stop. So knowing hughes and gorton there was very very very slim chance he was going to every play in montreal again so holding him till the deadline wasnt an option. Kinda handcuffs you when the player and wife, mostly, dictates the plays which to be fair was petrys right he earned it thats why players have contracts with clauses in them. If habs didnt want to deal with it they should have stayed put of the 3way trade in the first place.


Lindstrom and Wideman are basically interchangeable parts though. Neither is going to move the needle in any way. At least with Wideman, you know what you are getting and he’s a good teammate. We don’t need Lindstrom, so I would rather have just taken a higher pick instead. As for Petry staying until the deadline, I absolutely had zero expectations of that happening. As soon as the trade happened I was saying I’d be shocked if he was here a week. I know the market sucks right now, but I held out hope we might be able to get a 2nd for him because he still is a top 2 or 3 Dman and with salary retained his contract is amazing for 2 seasons. I figured there would be teams that would look at him as a cheaper upgrade on what they already had and make a move. All we needed was 1 team to feel that way and maybe we could have gotten a better pick. I’m definitely not sad to see him go because I had zero expectations he’d be staying.