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Former Canadiens Galchenyuk Enters Player Assistance Program



former Canadiens player Alex Galchenyuk

Former Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk has announced he has entered the NHL/NHLPA’s Player Assistance Program.

Galchenyuk, 29, was recently charged with a hit and run, disorderly conduct, failure to obey, resisting arrest and threatening, by the Scottsdale Police.

The charge came less than two weeks after Galchenyuk had signed a one-year contract with the Arizona Coyotes, a contract that the team has since terminated.

The American forward was originally drafted third overall by the Canadiens in 2012 and spent six seasons with the team before he was traded to the Coyotes.

According to The Athletic, Galchenyuk threatened the arresting officer, going as far as saying he would physically harm the officer, as well as the officer’s family.

“Let me go, or I will make one phone call,” Galchenyuk allegedly said. “You’ll never see your family, how scary is that? One phone call and you’re all dead. Your whole family, your bloodline is dead.”

It was a disturbing and violent comment, to say the least, the type of comment that must be taken seriously.

Thankfully, Galchenyuk has recognized that he acted in a hateful manner, and has since entered the Player’s Assistance Program offered by the NHL and the NHLPA.

Showing remorse and apologizing is a very good first step, and will go a long way in helping Galchenyuk complete the program. It doesn’t, however, mitigate any of the actions that already took place.

Galchenyuk broke the law, and he will have to deal with that aspect of the situation, which will have a lasting impact on his life. He will also have to make things right with the arresting officer who he threatened.

Alex Galchenyuk’s Apology

“Dear Coyotes leadership, my teammates and the fans,

My behavior last week was deeply offensive, uncalled for, horrendous, embarrassing, disrespectful and just plain awful.

I let you all down and I am truly sorry.

While this behavior after drinking alcohol is not representative of who I am, I do have to take responsibility for it. My actions have cost me my chance to do what I love, play professional hockey. I was very much looking forward to starting my life with my wife here in Arizona, playing alongside some of the best in the NHL and entertaining the incredible fan base the Coyotes have built here.

By checking myself into the NHL / NHLPA Assistance Program, I hope to get the help I need and to ensure I never make a mistake like this again.

Again, I am sorry I let you down and I hope over time and with hard work, I can show all of you lam a better person than this horrendous moment.

Sincerely, Alex Galchenyuk.”

Brass Tacks

Galchenyuk’s apology does seem sincere, and we wish him nothing but the best moving forward. He can’t erase his actions, but he can take the required steps to make sure he doesn’t keep digging the hole that led to the arrest.

In these situations, we often hear people say ‘They need to hit rock bottom’, but the truth is that there is no rock bottom. Rather, most people need to stop digging and ask for help.

That’s exactly what we’ve seen from the former Canadiens forward.

Again, it doesn’t erase any aspect of the ugly incident spearheaded by Galchenyuk’s terrible decisions.

But now that he has accepted responsibility for his actions and has shown remorse, as well as a willingness to improve, he does deserve our support when it comes to completing the Player Assistance Program.