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Carey Price In Nashville To Participate In Canadiens Draft



Canadiens Price

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Montreal Canadiens fans are still fond of one of the greatest players to don the jersey: Carey Price.

And while his appearances have been somewhat rare since his potential career-ending surgery, Habs fans will have an opportunity to reminisce about his time with the team at the 2023 NHL Draft in Nashville.

Price will join the Canadiens management group on the draft floor, which is somewhat fitting given that Price was the last player the Canadiens drafted 5th overall.

Price, 35, was chosen 5th overall at the 2005 Draft, and though he became one of the most popular players in team history, there was significant debate as to the logic of picking him that early during that particular draft. The Canadiens had a wealth of depth in the goaltending position, including players like Jaroslav Halak, Cristobal Huet, Jose Theodore, and Yann Denis.

It’s also worth noting that it’s unlikely the Montreal Canadiens will trade their pick given that Price is present. Of course, this is purely speculation on our part, but you don’t invite a franchise legend to join your draft table if there’s a healthy chance you will trade your best pick.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Canadiens handle the draft. There are several talented players available, including prospects such as Matvei Michkov, Zach Benson, Will Smith, David Reinbacher, and Ryan Leonard.

There’s also the possibility they may trade up, although that proposal is quite costly.

However, given the interest in the talent available in the top 5, the Canadiens could take things in another direction.

If the Canadiens do decide to trade down, they will have an opportunity to gain a wealth of assets, because historically speaking, teams do not trade down from the top 5. And when a team does trade down in the NHL draft, they tend to acquire significant value.

Picture via David Pagnotta