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Canadiens Wrap Up

Canadiens Wrap-Up: NHL Draft, Trade Options, Dubois, Monahan



Montreal Canadiens NHL Draft

MONTREAL — There’s never a dull moment when it comes to the Montreal Canadiens, but it’s not always possible to keep up to date with every breaking news story.

Every Sunday we will recap the most exciting and relevant NHL news stories that you may have missed throughout the week.


  • Kent Hughes and Marc Bergevin were tasked with different challenges, but one thing is clear, Hughes has done a great job adding pre-draft value to the organization. You could even argue it has reached historical levels. [Comparing Bergevin and Hughes’ Pre-Draft Value]
  • Prior to the Montreal Canadiens choosing sniper Cole Caufield with the 15th overall pick at the 2019 Draft, a lot of questions regarding his speed, size, and the time frame in which he would make the NHL were asked. And now we’re hearing the same questions about KHL prospect Matvei Michkov. [A Look Back At Caufield’s Draft, Michkov Parallels]
  • Habs prospect Sean Farrell did not enter the 2022-23 season as the most hyped player in the organization, but he ended the season as one of the prospects who enjoyed the most growth in his game. [Canadiens Prospect Review: Sean Farrell’s Impressive Growth]





  • The 2023 NHL Draft is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to give Montreal Canadiens fans a better idea of the likeliest options for the 5th overall pick. To accomplish this we curated 25 different rankings from various outlets and prospect experts, isolating the player they’ve ranked as the fifth-best available prospect at the draft. [Canadiens 5th Overall Draft Rankings]
  • The prospect pick probabilities available on the “Draft Pick Probabilities” tab of the 2023 Draft Tool, created by Prashanth Iyer and Jeremie Spagnalo, can be used by NHL organizations to inform their decision-making process. Let’s take the Montreal Canadiens as an example. [An Alternative Approach To Canadiens 2023 Draft]
  • In the final pre-draft edition of the Habs Mailbag we cover all things related to the 2023 Draft, the Pierre-Luc Dubois situation (again), the work done by Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, more draft stuff, a tiny bit more draft stuff, and much more (mostly draft stuff). [Canadiens Mailbag]