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Latest Canadiens 2023 NHL Draft Betting Odds To Reassure Fans



Montreal Canadiens

Information is starting to trickle down about the Montreal Canadiens 5th overall pick, with the latest betting odds painting an interesting picture.

As of earlier this week, NHL betting odds have begun to take shape over whom the picks could be prior to the Canadiens’ 5th-overall selection.

Despite all the noise, it does seem like Matvei Michkov is currently the favourite to be selected at 5th overall at the 2023 NHL Draft.

This would corroborate the position of an NHL source that believed the Montreal Canadiens to using a smokescreen at the moment to hide their intentions and keep Michkov’s name outside the conversation.

Trailing Michkov are David Reinbacher and Dalibor Dvorsky at +210 and +440 respectively, which is close, but not quite near Michkov’s +125 at the moment.

Will Smith is right behind at +530, indicating that bookies truly believe the young American centre will be headed to San Jose at 4th overall.

Zach Benson (+750) and Ryan Leonard (+750) round out the list of potential candidates for the Montreal Canadiens at 5th overall.

With Michkov still the favourite, despite all the ink that has been spilled talking about the potential impediments leading to playing in North America, it shows that even those with the smart money aren’t in a hurry to throw in the towel.

Seeing as the Montreal Canadiens are in the midst of a rebuild, they could very well decide to bite the bullet and wait three years for Matvei Michkov to finish his contract in the KHL.
It could provide the club with the most talented offensive player the franchise has seen in decades, and to pass on that, there would have to be a very good reason.
As of now, the bookies aren’t fazed and are pegging Michkov on top.
We must now turn to general manager Kent Hughes to see whether the Canadiens to be patient and wait for Michkov, because it’s clear that the Habs fans are ready; especially if it results in the arrival of an offensive superstar.


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