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Montreal Canadiens

Canadiens Outlook For Next Season According To New NHL Odds



Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens have had two difficult transition years, but recent odds released for next season predict fans will have to remain patient.

At the start of the 2022-2023 season, NHL betting odds had the Habs pegged to finish in the bottom-five of the NHL standings.

Due to a combination of historically high injuries, incredible relief offence from Laval and some otherworldly goaltending from Samuel Montembeault, the Montreal Canadiens still ended up finishing 5th-to-last.

It seems that, even with stars like Cole Caufield returned to health and a year older, the expectations are extremely low for the Canadiens next season, as they currently possess the 5th-lowest odds to win the Stanley Cup next season.

Now, it’s completely understandable that the Canadiens wouldn’t be considered contenders for next season, but it is telling that even bookies with smart money aren’t expecting a huge rise in points for Montreal next season, as teams like the Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins looked primed to make a run for  Eastern Conference playoff spots next season.

The Washington Capitals and Columbus Blue Jackets, the two other Eastern Conference teams to finish in the bottom 10 this season, are already expected to take on great strides and will be aggressive on the trade front to improve their roster, especially with Ovechkin’s capitals.

As of now, it looks like the Philadelphia Flyers and the Montreal Canadiens could be the young cubs of the East next season.

Thus, the improved firepower of the already potent Atlantic Division, coupled with the steady improvement of every other franchise in the East could prove difficult for the Montreal Canadiens to overcome as of now.

However, as general manager Kent Hughes has said over the last 18 months, they’re currently more worried about how the team is playing, rather than a simple five-to-eight-point boost by returning to the tight and boring style of hockey played in Montreal over the years.

Perhaps the NHL bookies are a little too harsh on their prediction of another bottom-five finish for the Canadiens, but the smart money, as of now, doesn’t have the club rising out of the NHL’s basement just yet.

Much of that initial harshness comes from Hughes’ declarations that they won’t be going big-fish hunting in free agency this summer, and will only look to complete trades that will help the club improve in the long term.

Without bringing much more to the roster in the short term, Hughes is looking to impose a strong sense of accountability in his young team and force them to hit the next level in their development; rather than bring in outside help to move them along like so many failed rebuilds of the past have done.

It may not be what Habs fans want to hear, but the extra time taken now will bear fruit down the line; as the club sets itself up for success both on the ice and off the ice.


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Whatever. Bookies don’t determine what ACTUALLY happens in sports. Least we forget the NJ Devils, who were predicted by the bookies to be about where the Habs finished – but instead improved by 49 pts to get to the 2nd rd of the playoffs. It CAN happen!!!

Also, I stand by my previous comments that if just the following 5 players never got injured for a long period or missed the remainder of the season, the Habs would have finished some 15-20 pts higher in the standings, and would have been in the playoff race right up to that last week or two:


The Habs are a possible playoff team next season – if they can just avoid the major injuries…

Last edited 3 months ago by Mike Klynsma

But with an additional 5 losses on the season they could have had a solid chance at a top 2 pick this summer.
To be completely honest they won a lot of games they didn’t deserve to win, but ended up winning. Goalies has aome big games etc.
I think they have a better chance at finishing bottom 5 again next season then they do at making playoffs. Easy money is bottom 10.


Go take your “easy money” for a bottom 10 finish to Vegas and bet your home on it…see what happens.


They improved 13 points despite leading the league in games lost to injuries and a record number of rookie defencemen. They cannot possibly not improve, as there is no way they are haviing that many injuries and more depth (they should have a loaded Laval team in the AHL) will lead to more competition on the team.


100% accurate. I fully expect more than a 70pt season upcoming. And I don’t mean I’m expecting a 71 pt season…..

Curtis Ault

Agree. Although we don’t yet know the roster they will enter next season with, I don’t see a team in the Atlantic that the Habs will finish above. My guess is the same as last season, 8th in the Atlantic but not the worst team in the league.
Hopefully more improvement individually and as a team. It will be nice not to feel guilty for hoping they win games.


To all who thought last season’s 5th place bottom finish was because the team wasn’t any good – and was not due to injuries – let’s look at this:

Habs record after SO win vs Flames on Dec 12: 14-12-2

Up until then, only ONCE did they have a losing streak of 3 games…none more than that.

That’s 0.500 at the 28 game mark. Extrapolated over the entire season, and that’s 88 pts – just 4 pts behind the 8th seeded Panthers.

Then beginning on Dec 14 through Jan 17 (one month), here are the players who went onto IR:


More followed…

After Dec 12, they had EIGHT losing streaks of 3 or more games to end the season.

Very strange coincidence, yes???

The Habs main issue for most of last season was continuous injuries – not bad talent, poor players, etc. If they can finally avoid that this coming season (big IF), then they could easily make the playoffs. I do NOT expect a bottom 10 finish…

Curtis Ault

Context in what the overall team goals for the season are may factor in to how serious those injuries are and how quickly players mend and return to play.