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Montreal Canadiens

Canadiens 2023 NHL Draft Odds Hint At Potential Outcome



Montreal Canadiens NHL Draft

The Montreal Canadiens have a tough decision to make with the 5th overall pick, but early betting odds are telling an interesting story.

Ever since the Canadiens walked out of the 2023 NHL Draft Lottery with the 5th overall pick, analysts and fans alike have seen it as the most contentious select spot in the 1st-round.

The top two seem to be virtually locked in at this point, with NHL betting odds propping Connor Bedard as the obvious 1st overall pick, and Adam Fantilli holding -340 odds to be the 2nd overall pick.

The debate, in fact, is what could potentially happen as early as 3rd overall and beyond; with the outcome of picks 3 and 4 having a profound impact on the Montreal Canadiens’ draft strategy.

The likes of Leo Carlsson, Will Smith, Matvei Michkov, Ryan Leonard, Dalibor Dvorsky and David Reinbacher have all been rumoured to be potential targets at 5th overall.

With one of Carlsson or Smith likely to be the player the Columbus Blue Jackets select at 3rd overall in their desire to add a top-six centre, the majority of the talk has been centered on Russian forward Matvei Michkov.

Seen as arguably the second-most talented player in this draft class, belief that Michkov could slide as low as 8th or 10th overall has started to emerge from across the league, due to his contractual reality in the KHL and the socio-political climate in Russia.

That being said, it seems to be a lot of smoke, according to recent odds.

Although Fantilli has a sizeable lead as the favourite to be selected at 2nd overall, it’s Leo Carlsson (+520) and Matvei Michkov (+730) that directly trail him in the odds; proving that smart money isn’t ready to rule out the possibility of the San Jose Sharks and Montreal Canadiens selecting Michkov at 4th or 5th overall.

This doesn’t seem to be limited to one Sportsbook like FanDuel, as other outlets are posting similar odds at 2nd overall. It seems, the only selection that doesn’t favour Michkov is the 3rd overall selection, where bookies see a two-man race between Smith and Carlsson, due to the organization openly admitting they’d be taking a centre at that spot.

However, as of 4th overall, the odds peg Michkov as the better prospects; something that could potentially hint at what’s to come for the 2023 NHL Draft; amid all the talk heading into June 28.


*For more NHL betting lines and futures, head over to FanDuel.

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